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Nothing quite like a cold beer in an onsen after a hard day on the slopes, snow falling. Gets a bit boring by yourself though. Anyone know of any onsens in Hakuba to which one can go with one's partner (if you're of the heterosexual persuation)?

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If you go to Tamagawa Onsen where is near Tenjindaira, you will experience 'MANY BIG OUTSIDE MIXED ONSEN'


I trapped by my friends, PLUS that evil onsen NEVER let people to wear swimming suite.


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Sounds like what's known as a "family buro" that you can rent out and use as you like. Buy one of the onsen guidebooks and it should be in there as part of the price info, unless it's in one of the lodges and is only available to guests.


It's nowhere near Hakuba, but one onsen I can recommend with a family buro is Marukoma Onsen. It's right on Lake Shikotsu in Hokkaido. I haven't been in that bath, but the men's part was wonderful.


I've never heard of a mixed onsen in Hakuba. If you're there after late March, you can go to Obinata no Yu which is probably the pick of what there is. It's way up the road past Omoshiro Hasshinchi and closes pretty early. It's really primitive (no shampoo or showers, just a bath), but it's outside and the view is very good. Otherwise, I would recommend the one at the bottom of Hakuba Highland. It's quite high up, so you get a nice view across to Happo. Maybe worth a try when the ski jumping is on.


Unless I've got the wrong end of stick, there's a mixed bathing (konyoku) area at Kuzu Onsen in Omachi. It's a lovely place, but is located around half an hour from Route 148. You could call in on your way home, I suppose, but it's too far from Hakuba to be worth a round trip.

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God no,


Ecstasy and an onsen would be lethal!

Just say no kids ;-)


In Echigo Yuzawa, my ryokan had a private rotenburo that you could lock and use on a first come, first served basis (and therefore you could have it for as long as you want, with whoever you want).


In Zao, there's that outdoor place up the mountain (closed in winter, just avoid the snow ploughs at night and jump the fence). When we hiked up there at 11pm, there was already a couple there canoodling, but we joined them in the pool and retreated to the far side to let them keep their privacy (a lot of steam created a barrier). They left later, and then it was open season ;-)


Just take care of your extremities in those sulphurous baths, if you know what I mean. Too long doin' the wild thing there and your little pinky won't be happy with you afterwards! LOL.

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hey jinja...


i'm headed to zao this weekend and would

definetly want to check out that onsen...


how do i get there?? i've never been to

zao so i don't know the first thing about








pray for snow

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Originally posted by rachael:
Interesting, is this.
I also didnt know about this thing, so its cool to find out.
But there seriously arent many of them are there?

The onsen guide I've got (four years old) lists over 300 mixed onsen throughout Japan.

Most of them seem to be outdoors too.

Aoni onsen at Hakoda is excellent, but only open in weekends during winter.

Mr. Bob!
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Several mixed onsen here in Yamanashi, nearest one to me is Enzan, about a 30 min drive from my house!

I have been to several mixed onsen around the country actually with my wife!

One I went to tucked away by the river in Gumna of route 17 a few miles up from Numata heading towards Naeba has a nice mixed onsen called colufuru onsen, has small indoor baths with a large outdoor bath over looking the river, very nice in winter when it is snowing and white everywhere.

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