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I'm a dude...

you are a chick...


other uses of dude include

"dude, pass that sh!t over hear"

"dude, what's your problem"

"what's up dude"


of course, there is truly only one "DUDE"

(any Big Lebowski fans in here???)



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Dude is is pretty much Nth American slang for a bloke, fella, guy, geezer, joker-whatever as far as I know. A generic form of address for the male of the species. Just out of interest is addressing someone as "Dude" ,as in, "Hey dude what's up?" viewed positively by Nth Americans? I guess it's similar to "How's it going mate?", but to me it always seems like a pejoritive form of address in the first person-as opposed to the positive connotations of "He's a good dude/guy" etc.

BTW I love 'The Big Lebowskii'-but I wouldn't want to be him...Dude.

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(from Cambridge International Dictionary of English)


noun [C] 


any man, or one who comes from a city and dresses stylishly 

There were some cool dudes (=stylish men) in sunglasses standing about.

It's a school where pupils greet their teachers with `Hey dude'. [as form of address]

In the US, a dude ranch is a holiday farm that offers activities such as riding horses and camping.

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