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  1. Yuzawa Snow Link in has joined SnowJapan with a new Resort Spotlight page. You can find all of the information here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/yuzawa-snow-link
  2. Resort Spotlight The Resort Spotlight for the Yuzawa Kogen resort in Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/yuzawa-kogen
  3. The forecast for today was clear bright sunny skies... but it certainly didn't start that way. Not in Yuzawa anyway, with a real grey and thin cloud look to proceedings. But we were ready to go for our half day out and Yuzawa Kogen was the destination so off we went. Yuzawa Kogen is right in the centre of Yuzawa Town, accessed by the Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway. We (myself and muika-burazza-zu... say hi....) ...were on the first Ropeway up and got to ski some courdroy on the first run before it got chopped up. When we left a few hours later there was still a fair bit of untouched snow in the ungroomed areas, which were fun. Yuzawa Kogen is only a small place really, not much too it. But it gives you probably the best views of Yuzawa town and surroundings, as seen here. So I would definitely recommend it for a fine day. If you like that sort of thing of course. By the time we left the cloud had mostly left us and things were getting bluer. An hour after we left and it would have been perfect blue I think, but we had to leave with other things to do later today. OK time for some trees and snow scenery. Starting with my favourite Looking over to the South Area of the Gala Yuzawa resort - a ropeway connects Yuzawa Kogen with this area. muika-burazza-zu posting for a shot early on
  4. Earlier this morning it was snowing heavily and I wasn't thinking I would be skiing today, but it started to clear up mid-morning and by late morning the sun was out. I'm glad I made the move because by the time I got to Yuzawa Kogen, it was really turning blue, my favourite conditions. I haven't been to Yuzawa Kogen that much actually. It's a small place, but what it does have is some pretty fab views of Yuzawa town and on a clear day very good for some shots. I think the paying for the car park thing annoys me as well. There were 2 dudes in charge of the car park. I was there for 3+ hours and when I came back to my car there were no new cars in there, so they had basically been sitting around doing nothing. Got to ask - what is the point? Anyway, you get up to Yuzawa Kogen via the Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway which is probably about 600m from the West Exit of Echigo Yuzawa Station. It goes up every 20 minutes on a weekday, so after hanging around for 10 minutes or so I was on my way up there. It holds 166 people and I think is pretty much the same as the one at Ryuoo. The snow today was fantastic. It should be really, with all the snow we have had recently. It wasn't busy at all. There's a triple lift and two pair lifts up there. You can ski back down to the base as well and end up at the small area called Nunoba. Anyway, here's the pics: From the Ropeway Yuzawa from the top of the Ropeway Minamiuonuma valley on the left, Yuzawa on the right The Ropeway connecting Yuzawa Kogen with GALA Yuzawa Echigo Yuzawa Station
  5. A total of 30 passes will be issued by lottery that will be valid for the season at the following resorts: Gala Yuzawa Yuzawa Kogen Ipponsugi Naspa Ski Garden Kandatsu Iwappara Yuzawa Nakazato Yuzawa Park Pass price is JPY 70,000. Deadline for application is November 20, 2011 to the Yuzawa Tourist Association. Winners will be drawin on November 22nd. For Iwappara and Kandatsu, you must exchange the season pass for a 1 day lift ticket, and then at the end of the day, go back to reclaim your pass. At the other resorts, the pass itself is valid for lifts.
  6. Yuzawa Tourist Association is offering special plans with minshuku/lodge accommodations plus half day lift tickets valid at the following areas: Gala Yuzawa Kogen Ipponsugi Naspa Ski Garden Kayama Captain Coast Yuzawa Park Ski Yuzawa Nakazato Iwappara Kandatsu Ski The tickets can be used in various combinations. For example, with a1 night stay, you get 2 tickets. You can exchange the 2 tickets for a full 1 day lift ticket OR get 2 half day tickets. The best part is that the tickets are valid until the end of the season, so if for some reason they do not all get used, then they can also be exchanged for U-Tan coupons which can be used as 500 units of currency in selected gift shops, hotels, taxis, restaurants, etc. Exchange rate is 4 coupons per half day ticket.


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