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Found 9 results

  1. While I love snowboarding, I also get excited by winter scenery and views. It's kind of an important part of it for me. I'm actually disappointed if it's just blizzarding all the time. We are interested in going to Tomamu and I'd love to see the amazing sea of cloud like scenery that it is famous for. Anyone any hints on timing (period/time) when there are good chances of enjoying that. Thanks!
  2. (TOMAMU) Jobs Available / Employment Information on jobs available at GAO Snow Academy in Tomamu, Hokkaido can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-general-information/employment-opportunites-at-gao-snow-academy
  3. (TOMAMU) Ski & Snowboard School Information on GAO Snow Academy in Tomamu, Hokkaido can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/gao-snow-academy
  4. Resort Spotlight The Resort Spotlight for the Hoshino Resorts Tomamu resort in Shimukappu, Hokkaido can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/hoshino-resort-tomamu
  5. After winning some tickets from Snowjapan (and getting a re-up from unclaimed tickets!! domo!), me and some mates piled into a car and headed east from Sapporo to Tomamu. With the weather the way it has been recently we certainly weren't expecting to find any blower powder conditions, we were dead set ready for some spring slush! Unfortunately, nobody thought to tell Tomamu!! The recent conditions in the Sapporo region has been warm and sunny, resulting in some ace soft, wet, slush-puppy like slopes and I expect the same has been true for Tomamu. However yesterday the freeze-thaw cycle was interrupted by the appearance of low temps and very light snow…….this meant one thing……bulletproof slopes! The slush of the previous day had frozen overnight and without the sun, it had set hard for the entire day. It was like trying to ride a giant ice-cube! So its a little unfair to judge Tomamu on this occasion and looking at the fairly consistent pitch of the treed areas, when the snow is fresh, this place would be top notch! Some really nice spaced trees on some interesting looking slopes would make excellent pow turns! We basically spent the day lapping the pipe and the kickers in the park…. Ben getting some good air off a kicker…... Alex getting not so much air……. I had taken a fair few more pics of the resort, including the lovely towers that blend in so well to the mountains, BUT I'm having problems with my iPhone and when I went to fix it, I found that instead of fixing the problem, it decided to delete a huge chuck of my photo library!! So muchos apologisos about there being so few of the mountain. After a particularly long lunch, we headed out again to try a few of the other slopes but they weren't any better. That horrible ice-scraping noise that accompanied us everywhere put a real dampener on our spirits and we decided to call it a day pretty early in the afternoon. At the base station of the gondola, Tokachi wine had an outdoor stall and BBQ, so we plonked ourselves down there and had a few apres wines But thanks again to Tomamu and Snowjapan for providing us with tickets, it was still nice to be out n about in the mountains for a day. When the snow is on, this place would be great……low crowds and some good looking tree runs. Hopefully next season I can come back and experience it for real.
  6. agillgren

    Hokkaido Touring 2013

    This site has helped gather much inspiration for our trips over the last few years.. so figured it was time to contribute back. This is our 4th ski trip to the Hokkaido (consecutive years) and this year we’ve decided to rent a car and try get around to a few more resorts as we’ve loved the smaller/quieter resorts we’ve visited on previous trips. A little background. We are snowboarders....from Aus. Both reasonably competent and love the trees and off piste-- but we are not geared up or have the avalanche knowledge for any serious back country riding. So in resort of off piste or slack country gates are more our style. Day 0 Arrive via HK. Shuttle bus to pick up the car from Toyota. All pretty easy... and loved the little test track you had to run through to get you used to driving on ice (another only in Japan). Put our mapcode into the english GPS and we were on our way. From there we had a pretty simple 2 hour drive (with food stops) to Tomamu. Now for the fun part: Tomamu We had two days here. Both fun but completely different to each other. The fist day was the end of a unusual dry spell for Hokkiado (don’t think there had been fresh snow for 1 week). Sun was shining and visibility granted some beautiful views. Although I’d always take fresh snow... it was nice to warm up the legs, scope the resort and enjoy the views. Despite lack of snow for quite a few days we still found some fresh tracks and un-sun crusty sections in the trees. I do really like the off-piste policy here too. If you sign in and get a bib and free rental helmet (if needed) and you are allowed in nearly all tree sections within the resort, and to hike to an older un-used part of the resort called “powder heaven”---- off limit/roped off areas were for an obvious reason. This opened up the resort as most tree patches between the groomers are fair game with well spaced trees. A word of warning though.. if you stay at the resort “towers” you’ll have a ride/walk or a bus trip to register each day. On the morning on the second day I was beginning to despair that the promised front hadn’t delivered as much snow as hoped. They we wen’t for lunch and the snow turned on. We got around 15cm in 2 hours. Groomers transformed into easy powder runs and the trees came to life. The large amount of off-piste terrain and small number of people made this an awesome afternoon. We stayed in a lovely little pension (Pension Ing) a 5 min drive from Tomamu, run by a very sweet local couple. It has an Onsen and breakfast and dinner included which were delicious. If you don’t have a car I’m pretty sure they drive you to the slopes. Despite the language barrier the owners were always keen to help or give tips-- we even shared a few laughs. If you’re not keen on the resort prices/feel I’d really recommend this place. Onto Sahoro today then towards Asahikawa.
  7. this long weekend myself and mrs Beaver decided to escape the city and head for the hills to enjoy some fresh air, peace and quiet and some beautiful autumn colours. While the trees aren't at their autumnal peak just yet, the colours on view are certainly impressive....... I had never been to Tomamu in any season before but I had heard good things about the snow, lack of crowds and liberal attitude to riding unpisted snow. I was a little surprised to see that the runs, whilst not particularly long, seemed to be fairly steep.....perhaps its just a trick of the eye looking at the hills without snow. I had heard about the "stylish" tower hotel buildings and I was happy when I found that I would be staying in a room on the 32nd floor of Tower 1.......perhaps they don't quite fit in with the surroundings but they do give up some terrific views The hotel itself was very comfortable and clean, its a little rough round the edges as most resort hotels tend to be in Japan. The food was actually very good, if not a little expensive. there isn't anything else in the area so you are stuck with one of the restaurants (of which there are quite a few) from the hotel. The Ghengis Khan nomi-tabehodai was excellent. We also went to the buffet restaurant, Ninipuuri and the food on offer was fantastic. The nomihodai is only an extra 800¥ and while it stated its only for 90 mins, the staff are very busy in a huge restaurant and continued to re-fill our glass for an extra hour! The facilities on offer were somewhat reduced as they moved into the transitional period between green and white season.......the swimming pool was open and looked excellent.....at 2500¥ to get in, we passed on the chance of a dip. That said, we did make use of the excellent onsen. The rotunburo at night is fantastic, the air temp was below 10 and it was awesome to sit in the hot bath and gaze up at the stars and clouds. It started to rain, which is 2nd only to it snowing whilst enjoying an outdoor bath IMO. There was a cool outdoor wine bar, that had set up small bonfires to keep ourselves warm as we supped a few glasses/bottles of wine...a big hit with Mrs Beaver... The Tubby Beaver out n about...... 3 out of the 4 towers.......very easy on the eye All in all we had a great weekend, relaxing and not doing very much.....it was actually quite depressing to come back into the city after being in such beautiful surroundings for a few days. Of course my camera doesn't really do it justice, but I definitely would like to return in winter and ride the trees here. I gather the off-piste official area is the trees behind the 2 towers and Alpine hotel that I took a photo of from my room (6th one posted). Looks like some damned good terrain and if the crowds are as low as people say....mmmm...mmmm!!
  8. Friday 20th January 2012 until Thursday 26th January 2012 The prizes: This week we have 10 one-day lift ticket vouchers - each one can be exchanged for a one-day lift ticket at Hoshino Resort Tomamu in Hokkaido this winter season. There will be 10 winners, each receiving 1 lift ticket voucher. Who can enter? Any active, logged in members of SnowJapanForums can enter this Giveaway. (You need to have made at least one post on the Forums - not just simply register). >> If you are logged in, click here to enter. >> If you need to register, please do so here. The winners: 15 people will be chosen - each to receive 2 vouchers. Hoshino Resort Tomamu website: http://www.snowtomamu.jp/winter/en/ We would like to thank the kind people at Hoshino Resort Tomamu for taking part in this Giveaway. Please do take a few moments to post some comments on the form when you enter... each year your comments help us try to improve SnowJapan. Thank you.
  9. Planning on a ski holiday to Hokkaido at beginning of January 2012. Can anyone advise on which resort is better for me? Kiroro or Rusutsu or Tomamu? I'm a beginner/intermediate skier looking for longer and scenic,but not too steep, runs from mountain top hopefully. Thanks in advance!


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