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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, Family ( 3 kids and the Mrs) and I are travelling to Japan, skiing Myoko/Nozawa from Jan 1st 2020. First ever trip to Japan. We arrive Tokyo on December 31st and will head to Myoko via Nagano on trains on Jan 1st. We want to get skiing asap on arrival but would like to purchase some ski gear ( skis for our 5 y/o for example) ASAP on arrival. We wont have time in Tokyo (plus it'll be NYE). I would really appreciate any tips/advice on buying gear in either Nagano or Myoko. Whats best for us to get widest selection, value etc... We are also happy to buy online to collect on arrival if thats possible/better! Thanks in advance!
  2. Guy Zudkevich

    Buying gear in Japan

    Hi Im planning of snowboarding in Myoko for 8 weeks next winter . How are the prices of snowboarding gear in Japan compared to the us ? where do you recommend buying gear in Tokyo or Myoko ?
  3. Guy Zudkevich

    Snowboard gear shipping

    Hi there I'm planning of snowboarding next winter in Myoko for 8 weeks. After Myoko I’m planning of backpacking through Asia. Is it possible to send my snowboard gear (snowboard bag) back home (overseas) while I continue my trip? I would love to get some information how I can do it. Thanks
  4. Hi folks Right now we are still planning on a trip over to Japan but wondering what to do re: luggage.... whether to take everything or rent out some skis when we are there. I know I want to take my boots but taking skis doesn't seem like something I want to do, esp. as we are spending some time in Tokyo to. And also if we rent hopefully we can try out some new modern gear. Well, newer than my current skis. Sound like a good plan or not?
  5. Hi Ive been to Japan on three previous occasions for the snow, love the place hence me and my girlfriend are coming up to spend the upcoming season there. From my previous visits Ive always found the snowboard gear to be quite expensive if anything on par with the local prices in Australia especially in Hakuba itself with limited range. Ive spent a short time looking at snow gear in Tokyo in the snow shop area near Akihabara (forget the exact name of the district) and from memory it was cheaper than at mountains but nothing super cheap (when compared to say electronic goods), at least the range was extensive. Were looking at beg-mid level gear for my girlfriend (board, binding and boots) – from major brands eg Ride, K2, Nitro, GNU etc Using a combination of local stores and online we can get the gear before coming for 60,000 – 75 000 Yen (Based on current exchange rates). We know what we want, sizing for my girlfriend in Japan shouldn’t be a problem. So my question is should we wait and buy the gear in Tokyo, Osaka or Nagano or get it before coming? Are we likely to save any money based on the above figures? I assume stock levels for females especially in early/mid December should be still good. We will have only 1 day max to buy the gear in Japan, before heading into the mountains. If the saving levels are minimal I'd much prefer to buy beforehand to not worry about it once we get Japan. Any help is appreciated. Thanks PS I have searched the site, no threads really answered my question, especially relating to current prices.
  6. Which brands are supposed to fit big or fit small? Someone said Nitro and Thirtytwo fit big and Salomon a bit small. I found US size 13 Northwave slightly big for me and size 12 Ride, slightly small. So I thought size 12.5 would be good. Salomon are one of the few brands to make them. BUT on their sizing chart 12.5 = 30.5cms, which is the same as a 13 in Northwave and most other brands. I'm wondering how a size 12 Nitro or Thirytwo compares with a size 12.5 Salomon. Should I risk a size 12 Northwave, hoping it's a bigger fit than Ride? I had a pair of Ignios which described themselves as 30-30.5cm. They were a good fit.


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