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Found 3 results

  1. Got a couple of days in Osaka at end of snow trip. My wife worked at Tanabe on a council sister city exchange program some years back and we will be catching up with some friends but I am hoping to get some free time and basically wondering what to do. I know I am being slack and should do my own research but was hoping anyone from / near the area may have some ideas. Eg good eating spots, things to see / do, local hidden gems ect that are easy to negotiate and not too time consuming.
  2. I got into Osaka last night and crashed. This morning I got going late after breakfast and some shopping. I wandered through Shin-sekai and took some photos of Billiken the good luck god and then wandered down through Den-den town where the bargains are very thin on the ground. Then turned right into the Kuromon Markets to get some photos of the produce on display. The tempura vegetables were a big hit to my eyes. Tempura Vegetables Next on the menu is Rice balls in tofu pockets. I have made these in Furano and they are yummy. Then there is the sea-food. Lots of it. I loved
  3. Hi all, I just thought I'd give everyone a heads up. Jetstar have Gold Coast to Osaka for $299 each way... Travel between 12/1/2012 and 28/3/2012.. Anyone wanting to make the voyage on a budget?
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