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Found 5 results

  1. There's no doubt that Mt Granview is one of the Japanese ski resorts to watch in the run up to the 12/13 season. After some epic days out this season by various members on here, including myself: http://www.snowjapan...at-time-forgot/ http://www.snowjapan...difference-etc/ .....it's definitely one of the most talked about. And for once the reality lives up to the hype! Endless powder, 7 (!) lifts, bottomless conditions guaranteed, friendly staff and everything else you could possibly want to let your ski dreams come true... it's got it all! With that potential gondola
  2. SJ-David uploaded the first Mt Granview pic of the season. As Mt Granview is expected to be on of the hot topics of the Japan ski season this year, I thought we needed a new thread, so here it is! Previous Mt Granview resourses: http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/21632-mt-granview-watch-or-the-japanese-ski-resort-to-watch-for-the-1213-season http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/23382-what-is-the-allure-of-mt-granview/ http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/21410-mt-granview-living-your-dreams-taste-the-difference-etc/
  3. First day of the season at the legendary Mt Granview. We were planning on going up to Niigata today for family new year, but the lure of Mt Granview was just too much and so we spent a few hours there for their first day and Gran Opening. We're going up to Niigata in an hour or so. Nice sunny weather and blue skies early this morning but it has clouded somewhat. Not much new snow in the last few days in Minamiuonuma and with the warmer conditions the snow was a bit heavy - even at the legendary Mt Granview, of course known for some of the best snow conditions and most consistent s
  4. After literally weeks of careful planning, and contemplating it's difficult-ness, muikabochess and myself decided to hike Mt Granview today. As well as wanting to see all the new developments at Mt Granview, it was just one of those things that you just need to do. So today was the day. Clothes and equipment (tent, pick-axes, thermals, food and drink supplies etc) at the ready, we got up early and started our ascent. At about 10am. It was going to be tight getting there and back in the day but we started at a brisk pace. Going back slightly though, the first problem was the si
  5. After muikabochi's report on Mt Granview.... http://www.snowjapan...at-time-forgot/ .... it shot to the top of places I needed to visit, above more famous places like Hakuba and Hakuba. As no doubt it did for most people on here. And today I did. Dreams were realised. Mt Granview was experienced. I lived the dream, riding Mt Granview. And actually, jokes - and only 2 slow single lifts - aside, we had a ton of fun! We are in Yuzawa for a few days and were going to go to Maiko today but it looked megabusy and nursing a bit of a hangover thought it would be fun to try it ou
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