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Found 4 results

  1. Guy Zudkevich

    Buying gear in Japan

    Hi Im planning of snowboarding in Myoko for 8 weeks next winter . How are the prices of snowboarding gear in Japan compared to the us ? where do you recommend buying gear in Tokyo or Myoko ?
  2. Not a lot of action pics as I was videoing mainly but these pics will give an idea of the extent and layout for those who have not been yet. Click on pics to enlarge.
  3. OK, I have cruised through previous threads and started to gather details on who's going where for the 11/12 season. I figure it would be easier for folks to hook up with other SJ'ers (if they want to) if the details were all in one place. Thank you to previous thread starters and to a poster on another forum whose layout I have shamelessly copied (thanks Smitty) This list is just the start so please feel free to add names, dates, edit or change your details by posting on this thread and I will keep it updated regularly. Alts Bandai echineko Appi Kogen Memphis Hawk Shiga Kogen Snowjunky: 14-21 Feb Di Griz: 13-15 Feb KlingKlang 69 Moshi-Moshi: Feb 1 week Sciclone: 15-22 Jan Myoko Kogen Snowjunky: 02 - 09 Feb Ausi Ski Bum: Dec Muriel Panhead_Pete: Dec/Jan Big-Will KlingKlang Fruity-sachi DaphneDuck: Black Mountain: 26-27 Dec Samtroy84: 23/1-27/1 Hakuba Pony Rider: 5 days Feb Ski: 5 days Griller: 5 days Tropical Pow Scblurlt: 21 - 26 Feb 15bee: Jan Esparigus: Feb Snowpony: 12 - 18 Feb HighlyTrainedExNovaTeacher: 7 days Panhead_Pete: Dec/Jan Black Mountain: Dec/Jan Gradeski: Jan AET: 13 -20 Jan Fukdane: Hakuba Big-Will RaID: For the season Coutta: jan 2 weeks TJOZ: For the season TubbyBeaverinho: 31/12 - 2/1 Telemarkhideki: 12 Dec for Season Kansaiash: March Grinch RussellsParadox: 4 nights Panhead Pete: 29/12-6/1 Black Mountain: 4/1-6/1 lidski: 27/12-3/3 Aily: 11-17 Feb Niseko Roscoe: 06 - 16 Feb Scblurlt: 01 - 06 Mar Snowhuntress: 14 days ratherb@thesnow: Fonty: 15 - 29 Jan Igloo: 5 days Sand: 29 Dec 11 - 27 Jan AND 09 - 17 Feb Mike Pow: 27/12 - 28/2 DiGriz: 19-22 Dec, 31/1 - 7/2, 09 - 12 Jan and 16 - 20 Jan FBS160: 09 - 17 Jan SmellyWellie: 4 days Gradeski: Jan Lin: Feb Millisent: MitchPee:and all over Hokkaido from Late Dec Norcal dyna8800: 19-23 Mar DumbStick Banno: 13-28 Jan Banno: 13-28 Jan Gareth_oau, Nikki & a bottle of champers. Feb Tex: 27 Jan - 8 Feb Provide: 12-22 Feb Hardparked: 3-16 Jan & around Sapporo from 23/12-3/1 ShredOntario: 27/11- 1/4 Cornelius AlexMcD: 6/1 - 23/1 Jimma: 2/12 for the season Kansaiash: 3-7 Dec Panhead Pete: 22/12-28/12 00steve: 22/12-10/1 Windo cleaner 4 days Jan Rusutsu ratherb@thesnow: 5 days Surfarther: 19 - 26 Jan Igloo: 5 days DiGriz: 30/1-2/2 Lin: Feb dyna8800: 09-12 Feb onji: 03-04 Dec DumbStick Window cleaner: 3 days Jan Tex: 2-6 Feb - beers with Seemore Seemore 2-11 Feb - beers with Tex Gozaimaas: Jan 21 - 30 Furano Surfarther: 14 - 19 Jan Snowhuntress: 8-23 Feb Suzza: Feb Alex L: Jan Millisent TubbyBeaverinho: New Years (if his wife agrees) Kokodoko: 20Dec - 12 March Mick Rich: All of Feb Di Griz: 19/12-22/12 Nozawa Onsen Pony Rider: 5 days Ski: 5 days Esparigus HighlyTrainedExNovaTeacher: 4 days gnarly-dude: Jan Panhead Pete: Dec/Jan Kansaiash: March HeatherLocklearRocks: 4 days DaphneDuck Samtroy84: 27/1-30/1 Dom: 7 days Bag Of Crisps: Early Feb PillarOfTheCommunity: Early Feb Madarao Kogen Snowjunky: 09 - 14 Feb Samtroy84: 29/1 Kagura/Naeba/Yuzawa Di Griz: 3-4 Jan All Over the Place Muikamachi Maestro Metabo Oyaji Ippy Stemic Ski Grungy-gonads Sanjo Man_In-Japan SJ-Pete Scouser MagSeven - all over Hokkaido. HoTRod Tubby Beaver 0261 Fruity Sachi Mick Rich Andylaurel: All over Hokkaido Oh No! Kiroro DiGriz Tex: Feb Northern Fukushima Metabo Oyaji Minakami Yoroshiku onegai shimas Wizz: 5 nights Fruity Sachi Yuzawa Yoroshiku onegai shimas peterson Fruity-sachi Dom: 7 days Sahoro Alex L: January Takasu Thunderbird2 Dynaland Thunderbird2 Oh no! Kosatsu kokosai griller: Feb Manza griller: Feb Mt Kosha? dyna8800: 20-24 Feb Zao Wakaran: Slaphead: 6 days Feb Klingon:- Feb 3 days Togakushi Dyna8800: Jan Gifu - generally Maggotz Muikabochi Russells Paradox Veronica: Feb Fruity-sachi Nagano - generally 7-11 Tenjin Muikabochi - for the co-operative liftie's Tiene Tubby Beaver: 10-12 Feb Nagareha Kansaiash: 21-22 Jan Sugadaira HeatherLockyearRocks- 3 days Fruity-sachi Hunter Mountain worm hole Hakkoda Memphis Hawk Hopefully this is a growing list to give heart to the Japanese operators. Who knows it may even help some order in extra supplies if say, the Brits and Scots all hit the one area at the same time
  4. Loving the new site and just experimenting with pics and video embeds - hope it works A rare glimpse of yours truly - out from behind the camera for a change


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