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  1. A few photos from the first half of the day, taken from Iwappara in Yuzawa town. Lovely weather. Snow was ok too. Fun was had. Met a friend up there who invited me to move on to another place, that's in this thread: http://www.snowjapan...anuary-2014-pm/ ---- If you go to Iwappara, these 2 quads are the lifts you will be wanting to use. The one on the left goes up to the top.
  2. It looks like this weekend is going to be crazy snow time - hope so - and this morning the sun was out and so it was time to do some Iwappara-ing. Iwappara in Yuzawa, always somewhere I say is perfect for beginners. There's a few pics here showing how wide the main area is. There's really two main bits to Iwappara - the lower wide bit and the top bit. I quickly head for the top quad and pretty much stay there in the top bit. Quite like that top run though there's not a huge amount of variation. Fab views though. Beautiful deep blue skies looking towards the peak, blown out brig
  3. Bright sunshine from early morning today and so I felt compelled to get out there again. And I am very glad I did. Destination Iwappara in Yuzawa, about 25 minutes drive from my home. I really enjoyed Iwappara this morning. The snow was better than yesterday at next door Maiko, which was a bit odd, but there you go. And I really enjoyed whizzing down that top run. I think I did the "just one more lift" thing about 5 times! It is a bit sad to see so many lifts not moving - and not moving for the season. Iwappara have not used their Gondola for handful of seasons now and ther
  4. A total of 30 passes will be issued by lottery that will be valid for the season at the following resorts: Gala Yuzawa Yuzawa Kogen Ipponsugi Naspa Ski Garden Kandatsu Iwappara Yuzawa Nakazato Yuzawa Park Pass price is JPY 70,000. Deadline for application is November 20, 2011 to the Yuzawa Tourist Association. Winners will be drawin on November 22nd. For Iwappara and Kandatsu, you must exchange the season pass for a 1 day lift ticket, and then at the end of the day, go back to reclaim your pass. At the other resorts, the pass itself is valid for lifts.
  5. Yuzawa Tourist Association is offering special plans with minshuku/lodge accommodations plus half day lift tickets valid at the following areas: Gala Yuzawa Kogen Ipponsugi Naspa Ski Garden Kayama Captain Coast Yuzawa Park Ski Yuzawa Nakazato Iwappara Kandatsu Ski The tickets can be used in various combinations. For example, with a1 night stay, you get 2 tickets. You can exchange the 2 tickets for a full 1 day lift ticket OR get 2 half day tickets. The best part is that the tickets are valid until the end of the season, so if for some reason they do not all get used, then
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