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  1. Here is a brief vid from this morning out gate 2 in Annupuri. Having a fantastic ski vacation with 14 of the last 16 days being powder days. I have managed to get to 4 other mountain resorts in that time and also some back country over at the Goshigi Onsen area as well (thanks to Mitch for the epic day!). Will make alonger report when I finish this trip in 2 weeks.
  2. Hey Guys! Just wanted to share some recent photos from our recent romps around Niseko and Rusutsu. It's been dumping non-stop, as most of you probably know, and the snow is just incredible...
  3. Hi guys looking to sort out my Hokkaido leg of my trip. If you had 6 days to split between Hokkaido and Rusutsu would 3 days in each be the best split, was in Niseko last year but am yet to understand the variety and scale of Rusutsu. As always thanks.
  4. So despite a forecast for rain today, I decided to take my chances and head up for Kurodake's first day this year. They held an opening ceremony at about 10 am, and stopped the lift (note; non pluralized to indicate there is only one) to ensure that EVERYONE was there to watch. After riding the ropeway to the top, it was snowing and conditions were generally quite good. There was about 30 cm of pow but the 2 pistes were groomed so you had to chance it through the mountain bamboo. Good points: It was open, it's an hour from where I live, parking is free. Bad points: There is one pa
  5. Today was my first day on snow this season, and I'm quite pleased to report it was a good one. After solid snowfalls Sunday night through Tuesday, Furano was able to open a portion of the Furano Area, with the Spies, Sailer and Shirakaba courses open. With just the gondola servicing the upper slopes, and one pair lift in operation, lift queues were long and the runs were short, but getting to sample November pow made it entirely worthwhile. Apologies for the Iphone photos. Next time I'll take my camera. Hopefully the blizzard forecast for tomorrow dumps enough
  6. Hiya First time to Japan this winter. I am going to be visiting someone who lives in Hakodate, or thereabouts. She is not into skiing but I want to get to see Niseko for 3-4 days while I'm there. I can see it all on a map of course but wanting some first hand reports on the best way to get from one to the other without a car........ local train? How long does that usually take? Thanks! Love the new forums site, it looks amazing. Really transformed!
  7. Planning on a ski holiday to Hokkaido at beginning of January 2012. Can anyone advise on which resort is better for me? Kiroro or Rusutsu or Tomamu? I'm a beginner/intermediate skier looking for longer and scenic,but not too steep, runs from mountain top hopefully. Thanks in advance!
  8. I will be in Hokkaido until January 27 and then again Feb 9 - 17 and I am really keen on exploring the lift accessed backcountry at Asahidake for a day or two. It looks truly epic. The problem for me is I am not keen on doing a solo mission exploring the area. If anyone one with backcountry knowledge and experience, and has and knows how to use the proper equipment is keen to hook up to explore the area together, during the time I am in Hokkaido it would be fantastic. Another option which I would perfer is to hire a guide/guiding service for a day trip at Asahidake, but usually guiding ser
  9. Morning. We are planning a trip up to Hokkaido this winter and thinking of doing the west and easy of Sapporo. Like the idea of a middle bit and taking in some of Sapporo as well as the skiing. Would you say 1 day (well, 1 night) is enough for Sapporo or does it deserve a bit more perhaps. Interested in the festival, a bit of Japan city nightlife and things that being in a city can give you. Cheers.
  10. Hooray! First dusting of snow on the peaks of Asahidake in Hokkaido. Don't get too excited, not the season yet. But it is the same day as last year and '3 days earlier than normal', whatever that means.
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