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  1. Hey Tubby, have you been hitting the Kita Kabe (sp?) at Teine? I have some particularly fond memories...
  2. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver not in Japan you won't......the place is full of skiers in 80's or 90's throwback all-in-1 ski suits!! True. Just one of the many fruity quirky lovable points that makes Japan such ace fun. The fluoro 80's suits really come into their own when being modelled in a tough guy mountain man pose in the cafe, cigarette dangling from lazy finger and beer in hand. Headband ices the cake.
  3. Originally Posted By: muikabochi 8. Check other places other than Niseko and Hakuba. There's tons. +1 I lived in Hokkaido for a year and never made it to Niseko.
  4. Originally Posted By: cal Wow thats interesting. Tons of scaffolding etc - that making one of the big sculptures? Yep. It's very interesting. I spent a fair bit of time on lunch breaks and after work watching the army guys trucking in the snow and working it into shape. A note to you all - don't go to war with Hokkaido. They will encase you in five storeys of sweet pow before you have time to clean your rifle. Originally Posted By: thursday nice one greenie, nice to hear from you. Where are you now? Thanks Thursday but I'd rather not say. Things got pretty out of shape after I
  5. Originally Posted By: thursday you're gonna have a fair walk to go to see them being made. Oh, I don't think so. Why here comes one now...
  6. Originally Posted By: MikePow Lovely. Great memories. Thanks. Oh and the lines you wanted to do, they're great +1. Superb through there. Need to be wary at the start after strong winds. I stumbled upon some insane drifts. After that it's pure gold.
  7. Beautiful. Sapporo is a wonderful town. Thanks for the pic, Thursday. That backdrop brings back fond memories of looking over students' shoulders at the sweet pow falling, whilst trying to focus on the conversation.
  8. Originally Posted By: thursday and dress their pets in the most humiliating outfits Egads! I had no idea. Do I look okay?
  9. Originally Posted By: thursday I was thinking about this footage when I was shopping for a turkey. Ended up with an ultra expensive free-range from the states. There were loads of butterballs, but that East Anglian accent of that bloke in the turkey fram in the vid put me off. Nice one Thursday. It really is as simple as voting with your wallet. As for price, when I started buying organic things where much more expensive than they are now. Higher sales > economies of scale > we all pay less and dance in the sun.
  10. Originally Posted By: Ezorisu I wouldn't say there aren't any, but since there are primarily deciduous trees at Niseko instead of coniferous trees, there should be significantly less of a problem with tree wells. Just stay well clear of any pine trees and you should be safe... at least from tree wells - there are other dangers out there too. There certainly are. I still feel sick when I recall the minute or so that I spent trying to undo my bindings a metre below the surface standing on bare grass in a huge crack in Furano that was hidden after a huge drifty dump.
  11. Great to see so much snow around. I never get tired of seeing marshmallow-topped cars. I'm particularly happy to see muikabochi amongst decent snow after last season's no-snow-show. I really felt for our snowless Honshu friends after another day of rarely seeing my board at Rusutsu. Go nuts. You've earnt it!
  12. Thursday - I'm back in rural West Australia. Good waves, amazing wildflower season, easy work, but no snow. I'm getting very sentimental now looking up the JMA weather page for Sapporo. I used to be glued to it. And tonight I see the first (I think) snowman icon looming. I remember seeing the first snowman icon pop up on my Mac with free Leopalace internet last year in my flat near Mount Moiwa. Very exciting stuff after a long summer and beautiful autumn. To anyone in Sapporo or elsewhere in Japan getting revved up for the season, good luck and God speed.
  13. One night will easily be enough. You can freeze to death waiting around for the shows to start so better to do one big lap and take pot luck on which stages are firing.
  14. Good views of Vancouver from Cypress too, with much more terrain. Back to Japan though, the view of Sapporo from Teine Highland is superb.
  15. Must get a bit edgy when the chainsaw bar gets close to the rock face. Excellent report. Thanks.
  16. Tako yaki (fried octopus batter balls) Everybody loves a show. Not an endangered species and cheap too.
  17. Originally Posted By: iiyamadude I can't think of many bad bakeries, can you? I sure can. About 90% of the bakeries in Sapporo. All corporate chain bakeries. Passable fare at best. Most of it looks appetizing, but the giveaway is the lack of weight of your item when you pick it up with the tongs. Put it straight back down and avoid disappointment. Most items are only 100-180 yen so I guess you're getting what you deserve. The worst chain I found was Hokyo (sp.?). Very cheap and very nasty. Best in Sapporo was the bakery at the Grand Hotel, or the German joint in Maruyama (wh
  18. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver its the standard visa given out to Eikaiwa teachers when they come over, a Bachelors degree is all thats required And an employer to re-sponsor your visa every 12 months.
  19. Cheese - ace Hokkaido Camembert - four aces Nato - bin ooze ps. I tried so hard to like it. I don't like disliking any food.
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