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  1. hi nn3388 yes , i will be happy to board with you. let me know before you coming. if there is anyone that now in naeba , i will be happy to meet with and board together
  2. hi there. i would like to buy a mobile phone and to use in in naeba. i was wondering which company has the best cover reception for Naeba. thanks for the help!!!
  3. hi there, i‘ï½ã€€ï½Œï½ï½ï½‹ï½‰ï½Žï½‡ã€€ï½†ï½ï½’ ï½ï½…ï½ï½ï½Œï½… tï½ã€€ï½‚ï½ï½ï½’d with ï½ï½” nï½ï½…bï½ã€€ï½ï½’ï½…ï½ï¼Ž i‘ï½ã€€ï½ã€€ï½‚ï½ï½ï½’der whï½ã€€ï½Œï½‰ï½‹ï½… ï½ï½ï½—der ï½ï½Žï½„ ï½ï½ï½’k. i hï½ï½–e been bï½ï½ï½’ding fï½ï½’ 1ï¼ã€€ï½™ï½…ï½ï½’s. i dï½ï½Žâ€˜ï½” cï½ï½’e yï½ï½•ï½’ nï½ï½”iï½ï½Žï½ï½Œï½‰ï½”y if yï½ï½•ã€€ï½ï½’e ï½ï½ï½Žã€€ï½ï½’ wï½ï½ï½…n. i sï½ï½…ek ï½ï½Œï½‰ï½”tle jï½ï½ï½ï½Žï½…sï
  4. Hey Fattwins. Thanks again for the post and the help. i have tried to send you a PM, but for some reason the web doesn't let me send it. well, as i said , i have tried to find a long term accomadation, something that i can live and feel that it's my home for 3-4 months and not some place that i need to share room with people that come and go every 2 days, but i couldn't get any (unless i pay 2000$ for a month or something like that). well any help will be very welcome. sorry i can't send you a PM. ofer
  5. i want to go to jp , cause i think it's good experience , and i love the jp and everything . but i start to have secound thoughts
  6. well , when i comper it to whistler, i can get there a nice room in a family house for 350$ a month (including all utilities) and get a better resort . so i start asking myself why it's so expansive in jp . and by the way it's privet room 2 there
  7. hahah, yeah , i have tried , but all those places are hotels or pension , i found 2 backpackers for 600$ a month , but i need to share the room with other people . i wouldn't mind to do that , it's just that i don't want to share it with different ppl every day.
  8. thank you SKI for your help. any other info that you want to tell me will be great to hear. and maybe i will see you on the hill 1 day
  9. are you japanese SKI? do you know cheap places to stay for long stay in hakuba or naeba?
  10. well , it's true , whistler there is just 1. but what i mean, also in whistler i could finish all the resort in 1-2 days
  11. but maybe you can help me with some good info, 1. is asagai is part of naeba mountain, because i saw the force park on asagai but on the season pass it's not mantion that asagai it's part of naeba mountain. 2. would you recomentd to stay in yuzawa or naeba? i found cheap pension in naeba. 3.how long have you been there? thanks SKI
  12. and i enjoy the boarding , the place doesn't really matter to me if the snow is good and there is nice park in the area. i was spent 4 season in whistler in a raw , and i never got bord.
  13. well , i preffer to be rich and happy , but this is not the situation. if i spend 3500 yen for a day skipass it will not bring me far
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