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  1. That is whole lot of fun. I too have never quite seen a site like that, very interesting the way it all works. Thanks for all the obvious efforts you guys put in to the cause. Domo!
  2. Nagano. I think the plan will be the same kind of area, but a different plan. More will be revealed... when we know!
  3. How often do you guys buy a new set of skis or board? Just wondering what sort of life they have for most people.
  4. I was thinking that. I only booked late last year and had no problems. But that was Nagano. I would do the same again, must really because of work and other things.
  5. Difficult to get one still. I did though and I really enjoy using it on the sofa. Certainly not something that is needed, but it's great to have.
  6. We didn't encounter that many in Shiga Kogen, I'm very happy to say! Hate those things. There were too many at Happo.
  7. That was a decent programme. They had nothing but total praise for the Japanese people.
  8. Look... good luck with it all. I really think you're gonna need it, sorry to say. Europe is my choice next winter.
  9. Earthquakes. Earthquakes. Nuclear situation. Earthquakes. Other stuff like transportation, power cuts, supplies. Earthquakes. Holiday destination?! Er, no. I would think it would be blazingly obvious.
  10. Great stuff MikePow. Like I just said in another post, Niseko is on my radar for next time I visit Japan I think.
  11. Sounds like a happy, if not slightly mad (in a good way), dog.
  12. I agree. I am just totally embarrassed to see idiotic scenes like that.
  13. As much as I loved my trip to Japan, I've got to admit that I would be very wary now. I certainly wouldn't be going ahead and planning a trip for next season now, not yet. When so much is going on, there are just so many other places where 'things aren't going on' that I want to go to. Maybe in a few months things will calm down, but I think this is a real hard hitting event for Japan in terms of it's image overseas. Which is sad.
  14. Wow this is just all so overwhelming. So sorry to hear what Japan is going through now.
  15. Originally Posted By: panhead_pete There have been a LOT of threads of late with people being disappointed with what they have found on their 1st trip here vs expectations. You talking about me? Oops sorry. I think I have learnt what people are sensitive about though, so will be careful what I say when I post my report. Pity, people being able to say exactly what they think would be better than being worried about (very lightly!) shaking a few applecarts!
  16. I really want to visit this place next time if I get back to Japan. It looks wonderful.
  17. Will do! Oh well Sunday morning. Work tomorrow, so back to normal. But what a fun time I had. Need a bit more time to be able to post something.
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