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  1. I love looking at that image. They always looks so happy in there in winter time. Just now there were many monkeys in the bath. So cute.
  2. You check every day?! Is it so exciting? I suppose it is fun and also looking forward.
  3. I really don't know yet. My holiday from work and time off is not yet fixed and so I cannot make firm plan. But I hope to get 5-6 days somewhere and at least 5 weekend.
  4. I have some favorite pension in Shiga Kogen and Hakuba that I go to. They are cosy, comfortable and very good food.
  5. I had some stuffing when I went overseas and I thought it was very interesting taste. At first quite strange, but I really liked it.
  6. I will go when there is good cover and I can get free weekend. I hope it is before Christmas.
  7. I remember scared of bird at seaside when I was very young, perhaps 3 or 4 years old. But then after that my memory is not clear until I was much older.
  8. I have never seen like this musical production but would like to.
  9. She does look very young, but if she has the skill I do not think age should be matter.
  10. I find there are always good things for most months. Like many people though my least favorite is July and August.
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