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  1. Lots of shindo 1, 2 and 3 quakes border of Gifu and Nagano since yesterday.
  2. I might take a trip over there make it more of a sightseeing thing. Will let you know how it goes if I do end up going.
  3. Here's the 'Kokusai's listed on SJ, can we see any link?! Hidaka Kokusai Kamisunagawadake Kokusai Geihoku Kokusai Kusatsu Kokusai Joetsu Kokusai Niseko Annupuri Kokusai Sapporo Kokusai Shirakaba Kogen Kokusai Hyonosen Kokusai Kuriko Kokusai
  4. Seems to me you should perhaps check out recent ones and update your opinion!
  5. I have access and drive both a car with a Carrozeria and one with a phone connected. You can certainly get by with the phone if a little finnicky it being small etc, but there's no question I much prefer the full navi system. It may not be worth the big chunk of dough, but it's the better solution by far.
  6. I think lots of places did well last week, but that was the last of the decent snowfall.
  7. Can't you recoup some by charging for your car park? 500 yen a day should make it more attractive than the usual 1000 yen!
  8. I'd love to have a day like that in Niseko. After snowfall overnight of course. Cheers for the pics and info Mike.
  9. If you have a wart, saliva on it first thing in the morning gets rid of it. Oh, not really on topic that.
  10. I don't watch many of these but do videos of other countries also do the "getting there/culture" bit? Or is it just Japan because it's "so different"? Tokyo - busy! Temples - culture!
  11. The coming typhoon(s) will give us more helmet wearing warnings, that's for sure. I hope the thing blows off course to the east.
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