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  1. im teetotal mate...but only until friday. whats wrong with wanting to drink yebisu in my own place in hakuba though? cant one do both?
  2. Niseko is ridiculously expensive, im just browsing the net at work now and was wondering if anyone has an hot tips on good cheap property for sale (anywhere) in japan, Near lifts would be ideal! Not too far from public transport yadda yadda. Any suggestions would be great!! Holla
  3. We found a good bar in roppongi (which was a let down, as predicted) with a tokyoian guy called shingo working there, the place was dead and he was carving some ice balls. He set us up with some really good j-whisky and so other random drinks. This place had some english ales, some whiskys that most scottish bars would be proud to have and some great chat! Holla in shingos grill!
  4. I wasnt drunk! havnt had a drop in 10 days, im just rig senial! GO GO SWALLOWS!
  5. there is a place in hirafu that sells salmon face...didnt try it, and i regret it. this morning i mixed marmite with marmalade and it was amazing! the strangest thing is probably my toe nails though, they are weird
  6. i think there is a guy in shinjuku who lets people punch him in the face and gets 1000yen a minute. Hes not allowed to retaliate but thats £5 a minute, so about £300 an hour. You could just send your girlfriend out to work while you practice mistyflips on a trampoline. or get ski/ snowboard instructor qualifications?
  7. macs have better longevity. but if the software you run is all windows and you like to play alot of games its a no no. If not, i switched across 4 years ago and think its been a great move (i mostly use microsoft word/excel/powerpoint, photoshop, flash, movie editing software etc). I dont want to turn this thread into a mac vs pc debate but from my experiance, my computers outlast my friends - well aside from my mate who has an Alienware laptop, which he bought a similar time to my mac book pro, and they are still on a par performance wise. Turn your old computer into a media c
  8. i met two aussy guys who were the proverbial when i was in niseko this year. the rest of them were good fun, friendly and happy drunks (well i met them all in bars) out to have a good time, very respectful of the locals (most of them were doing seasons there) and alot better than the drunks you get in scotland. Although, to be honest, that isnt hard. yeh, you get a-holes everywhere in the world, but its easy enough to know who they are after a few minutes in their company. The good aussys far outweighed the bad ones for me! although they probably thought i was p*sshead.
  9. Perhaps, i say pseudo pies as when i was last in wigan (well standish) i was given a meat type thing in sortof a croissant type pastry. Any ideas what it would have been called? it was good like! but apparently you wigan people are not called pie eaters cos you eat pies, its another reason that i also cant remember
  10. i know a wicked pie shop in aberdeen if your keen! also, wigan's pseudo pies are pretty good
  11. hehe, you know the oil game eh!! well my company at the moment doesnt offer me equal time offshore and onshore, i generally do 2 weeks on the rig, 1 week off then 1 week in the office. So the whole working away thing, with my company at the moment isnt likely to happen. How is japan for foriegners buying property etc? lots of hidden taxes and that or is it alright? I think it will have to be a long term plan rather than this year unfortunatly!! oh and there are guys on my rig here who travel from Aus for 3 on 3 off stints, and also thailand! mentalists!!
  12. I would love to come and live in japan but my commitments lie with my oil job and my flat at the moment. I would need to completely change my life to manage it. I do have a design degree, so perhaps if i built up a portfolio then i could apply for crazy japanese design jobs. or just drill for oil there even though they have no oil.
  13. ill be back as soon as i can!!! know of any cheap property in japan?? preferably with an onsen in the garden:)
  14. oh no! we had a couple great nights out around shibuya. I had been warned about roppongi, but it was close to our hotel, and i guess you cant knock it until you have tried it. now that i have tried it, i can knock it. It was rubbish! The Tokionian equivalent of peurto banus! without the class You would be surprised about nigerians in aberdeen. it all started about 5 years ago, because nigeria is a big oil country, and robert gordons uni (university not sea urchin) in aberdeen has a good masters in offshore oil and gas degree course and a good Mech Eng course, they have starte
  15. I really enjoyed the nice weather in niseko, t-shirts on the slopes!!! What a sh*thole rappongi is! didnt like that place much at all, i guess there are probably some good places to go but i was constantly being harrased by nigerians trying to get me into strip bars and it felt too much like being at home! those pesky nigerians!!
  16. How is the surf in japan? im looking for nice consistent mellow beach breaks as im fairly rubbish and dont really fancy impaling myself on any reefs!! I guess hawaii or bali are the obvious choices but they are unfortunately not in japan. Any advice snow people? Peas
  17. well, hows about i save some of my oil (blood) money then i can come over and open a chain of beer gardens - well paid work and lots of beer. Yebisu is the best! its like getting two birds stoned at once!
  18. any chance you could add a "because i work on the rigs for half my life" option on there please. Arigato
  19. my mate was in Houston for a training course and ordered a round of drinks, not knowing he was supposed to tip he went back for another round and the barman said (rudely): "why should i serve "y'all", you didnt tip me last time" so my mate apologized and said he didnt know he was supposed to. Ordered another round, got his drinks and paid with exact change and told the barman to f-off. brilliant! The whole point of a tip is to congratulate someones good service. Being rude to customers should result in public ridicule and/ or lashings. Service in japan was amongst the best
  20. Aye, had an amazing time. Feel free to ask anything. I can recommend things I did, but i didnt even scratch the surface. If you are spending a month in Hirafu then you dont even need to bother with Aus, just spend the next 5 months touring Japan, Hirafu is JapAus!!
  21. actually the weather on thursday in the deen was amazing! about 20degrees and wicked sunshine!! better than tokyo (weatherwise only). I have fallen in love with land of rising sun!! Fancy sorting me out with a job??
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