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  1. Looks great in the shots, hope it stays that way!! We arrive next Friday!!
  2. We hired a Toyota 'Voxy' which is about HiAce size, from TooCoo at Narita last January and drove through Tokyo and up to Hakuba. There were 5 of us and there was enough room for all our gear, with the ski bags being pushed under the rear seats. It was fantastic to have car at Hakuba and we will be doing it again next Jan when we return. Having a vehicle made trips to other resorts and places such as Jusco shopping trips, laudromat trips and the Monkey Onsen easy. Yes, it was probably more expensive than the shink & bus option (which we had done on previous trips) but the con
  3. I'll be back again for a little over 2 weeks next year. I wish I could stay longer but work dictates the duration unfortunately!! Sucks to be self employed sometimes!!! Looking forward to catching up with Creek Boy, Ewok and a host of others!!
  4. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy hey whiteman, thanks Havent seen you on here in quite some time! How are things in Oz? You getting ready for the season there? In the next few months Ill be living in a sauna, not looking forward to it. Summers here are rough Hey CB, I haven't been around much here lately, I've been really busy with work and other stuff and to add to the pressure, we are flying to Peru on Friday for a quick work-ish (for Caz) related trip, which includes a few days at Machu Pichu taking loads of shots!! I'm taking virtually no personal effects but a truck load of came
  5. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy Originally Posted By: Kumapix coolpix aren't so good They take nice pictures to me Hi there CB, nice shot!!!
  6. Great shots Ian...... but I know you have others that are better!!!T'was great to meet you and thanks for the heads up about lightroom. Cheers, Whiteman, Caz & family.
  7. Originally Posted By: Bushpig kuma, the point is that if you save once for jpeg with edits, yeah it gets slightly decreased, but if you go back and slightly change an edit, then you are still working on the original, not the resaved version. So you don't get a double loss. Just the one. FT, I know that, and will get there. I'm just taking my time until I have my head around it a bit better. RAW takes more fiddling, because you are not leaving the WB, etc up to the camera. So you have to manually go back and set it yourself. More time consuming. So I wanna have a good workflow down pat befor
  8. Yes CB, back in Oz and trying to get back into work mode but finding it very difficult!! I seem to have spent most of my spare time back compiling video moofies and sorting photos rather than working!!! I might post a few shots later.
  9. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy MMT is soooo cute I could eat him! Hi Creek Boy & Ewok You sound awful clucky.....for a guy!! What with Hannah-banana & MMT, you could have a full meal!! Love snowy lil' kid shots. Cheers, Whitey & Caz
  10. Originally Posted By: Drop Inn Originally Posted By: TJ OZ I know a guy who runs shopping tours in Jimbocho. PM me if you want his details. He knows his stuff and the area very well. This another one of your kick backs Tj? Every statement has and subliminal advert eh , be it coffee, free internet access, snow on car comps........boring.... We call it networking! I also know the guy he speaks of, and yes, he certainly does know his stuff!! In fact, he is one of the most obliging and helpful people you could ever meet! Looking forward to seeing you in about 8 days TJ.
  11. Ease up Sarge, the kid was just being funny I thought it was quite good and smirked to myself!
  12. C-mo, it's a failry straight forward excercise, catch the Narita Express to Tokyo, follow the green train symbol signs to platforms 21/22/23/24 dowstairs, catch the Shink to Nagano then taxi, if you get in late. Downside is it will be fairly expensive that way. If you're on a tight budget, the overnight bus would be the go but then again, the Shink is a great experience!
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