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  1. Yep site right across the road from the Kitanomine Ski Field. The sign state completion date December 2011!!
  2. Is there any word on Vale Furano - It was meant to be completed by December 2011?????? Have they even started it???
  3. For once we came out a little ahead - we bought some yen at 84c and decided to wait and get the rest closer to the trip in case it went up. So at worst we will have some yen at a good price. We also paid for our accomodation before the Yen dropped. Phew
  4. Sorry to say I GO MENTAL. I buy heaps nik naks, lollies, food you name it if it is cute, yummy and irresistible I will buy it
  5. We are also looking at flying with Cathy this year as well. Like the idea of direct to Sapporo from Hong Kong.
  6. Yeah try Hakuba Goosie Furano no Good Tomamu no Good Asahidake no good Kamui no good Perhaps you should give Niseko another try maybe it is a UN holiday destination because IT IS GOOD Don't try the other resorts in hokkaido you wont like them
  7. BOOHYA go the MIGHTY QUEENSLANDERS!!!! Great game. WOuld have been totally thrilling if Lockyer had scored.
  8. Originally Posted By: Mamabear Originally Posted By: Wizz Originally Posted By: snowhuntress The wife hated Japan - hated the food - didn't ski - hated the cold. Why is she going again? Pressure from the partner? Because when she got back she loved the attention from people "ooohh...you skied Japan...how exotic.." ? Because she actually enjoyed herself but is one of those whiny glass half empty type of people...? Or a combination of all of the above? Mamabear wins - She loves facebooking about being in Japan - Funniest thing you have ever see was she would only eat Kar
  9. Okay an update - they have booked into the same accomodation as us (as we always stay there) and they are booked for the same length of time as us Yes she is a hannger on wife. He is actually fine. I thank you all for your awesome advise and I am going to take on a little of everyone's advise. Definately eating Japanese every night. Will be taking off as soon as I get off the lifts. Yes definately will only be able to fit 5 people in the car. AND YOU KNOW WHAT if worst comes to worst a couple of Sake's and GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!
  10. How do you handle a situation like this. We have booked our holiday and 5 of or dear friends are coming. NOW we are booked and have hired a car for road trips 2 other UNWELCOMED people have invited themselves along. They inquired in roundabout ways where we were staying - when we were going and then went and booked. They came with us before and totally ruined our holiday HENCE we didn't asked them this time. The wife hated Japan - hated the food - didn't ski - hated the cold. Do I just come straight out and tell them their not welcome or just hit the bottle and take sedat
  11. Okay I haven't been able to do much exercise re lung complaint and busted arm BUT I AM SUPER PROUD to announce Mr Snowhunter and I have lost 4 kilos each.
  12. All booked and ready to go Arriving Early February - Basing ourselves in Furano hired a car and exploring nearby ski resorts. Then a road trip to Niseko for last 10 days with trips to Kiroro. WAHOOO can't wait. 4 excellent friends also coming.
  13. I saw Tom Jones years ago and he was FANTASTIC!! Also Huey Lewis and the News (god now I am really showing my age!! )
  14. I live in the country and always have. I LOVE IT!!! We have 10 acres and in the morning I look out my window to see kangaroo's, native birds and my horses. we have 3 dogs that have the run of the property. I like not having neighbours right at my fence line. Mr Snowhunter loves it because he can play video games and music at night with the stereo on full boar and not annoy anyone. Nothing better than living in the country.
  15. Juat saw "Hangover 2" FUNNY Go with an open mind and don't think it is going to be any funnier than Hangover One and you will love it.
  16. Mmmmmmm making Afhgan Biscuits. Stay tuned for photo. The most Cho-yummy biscuit EVER!!
  17. We were at a party and a very STUCK UP (married into money) Cousin came up to Mr Snowhunter and said "Oh hello WOW last time I saw you you had a full head of hair, what happened". To which I jumped in and said Wow last time I saw you you hadn't swallowed a baby elephant!! BITCH - Don't mess with my man!! Luckily at that stage I was still a Size 6.
  18. Well we are down to the serious business now ONLY 3 LEFT. Last weeks departure was a little bit of a shock. I thought they would have been on a least this week.
  19. Originally Posted By: Mamabear oh...she had surgery last friday snowhuntress. She has been in a cast for 6 weeks with poor results. Now she has had quite radical surgery by a top vet surgeon, and I believe she had pins internally and externally. Will find out all tomorrow when she comes home. But sedation sounds like a great idea!! I am thinking of you Mamabear keep me informed - Sorry it is the vet nurse coming out in me!!
  20. Originally Posted By: Mamabear mmm...I did drive 15km last friday with a sleeping puppy on my lap... not proud of it - but it ended up being the easiest option. I was taking her from home (had her there for less than 12 hours) to the park where I was meeting PB to pick her up and take her to the vet for surgery - she has a broken leg and was in a full leg cast, she is only 8 weeks old and she kept jumping from the passengers seat where I set her up a puppy bed onto my lap. Next time I will put a cage in the car and lock her in. Driving is far too serious a business to be distracted.
  21. Wow they have some cute stuff pity I can't understand the webpage at all!! I have bought HEAPS from China online. I have been totally warned off ioffer though. It is very dodgy and you don't what you payed for. I always pay with paypal so I have a little peace of mind.
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