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  1. OOOOOOOoooooo I hope I am in the 35% in Australia - I have excitedly been checking my letter box EVERYDAY since the this thread started. I think if I get them I am going to plaster them everywhere and post pictures of them!!
  2. Yep that is what we are doing this year. May see more of Hokkaido than planned with Mr Snowhunter driving. WE ALL KNOW WHAT MEAN ARE LIKE WHEN THEY GET LOST!!!
  3. The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Quite enjoyed it.
  4. Yep we will be in Furano from the 8th February till the 23rd February. Then off to Niseko for a week or so.
  5. We were the same couldn't decided early february or late february so we are coming early february and staying until early March WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on!!
  6. Ooooo Big Will you have the same problem as me - YOUR PANTS MUST HAVE SHRUNK!!!! Mine definately have and anyway they were last seasons so I am buying some new ones for this year.
  7. I think sciclone should be banned from the forums for even suggesting another marker other than our trusty Phone Booth. Sciclone did you not know that Snowjapan Crew are super humans are nothing is out of their reach!!
  8. Definately Alien orientations - I think it is some sort of Barcode!!!!
  9. Yahoo winter and snow has arrived!!! Thanks for the Photo's Max F. I was glued to the web cams yesterday looking at the Winter Wonderland.
  10. WAHOOOOO!!!!! We just got the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Awesome it should bring some positive tones and heaps of jobs to the Coast!!!!!!
  11. Yep we are flying Qantas in February. I was talking to a Qantas Hostess the other day and queried about flights next year Jan/Feb as we were flying with them to Japan to which she replied "Good Luck with That" :veryshocked: . Suddenly my cheap flights isn't looking so great!!
  12. I hadn't read about this hideous event. I have just watch the video and find it quick surreal, i just couldn't believe that this could happen and was feeling quite detached from reality. HOW THE HELL DOES THIS HAPPEN!!!!! I am someone who wont even kill a spider or an ant as I believe everything (except paralysis ticks and venomous snakes) has an important place in the world. OMG she was only 2 years old. Sorry just totally beside myself over this. WHERE THE HELL WERE HER PARENTS. May that beautiful little soul find peace and happiness.
  13. I have already set my alarm for April - Bought a 2012 Calendar and marked April. I would love to get one of those flights. And as for accomodation costs, well I have heaps of Snow Japan friends to visit
  14. The countdown is on. I am SO getting one of these flights http://travel.ninemsn.com.au/Blog.aspx?blogentryid=937938&showcomments=true
  15. Scary morning HUGE storm rolling through LOTS of Lightning and Lightning Strikes and SCARY loud thunder !!! Been going for about 1 hour. I am under the bed with all the catS
  16. Oh I so have to have some new stickers - my trip to Japow next year won't be the same if I am not covered from head to to in SnowJapan Stickers PLUS how will I be able to identify my luggage at the airport without stickers all over it
  17. The fingers of Autumn must be due to start dancing over Japan - the smell of snow will soon be in the air AND most important SNOWDUDE's predictions have started YAHOOO I'm liking this seasons predictions lets hope your right!!
  18. Originally Posted By: Jynxx SH, how´s your Japanese coming along ? Japanese is coming along great. I remember when I started I had difficulty counting to 10 now I can count in 6 different systems. Still a little daunted in conversation situations but getting better You know best of all is this year a couple of people coming with us are ones that thought it was ridiculous me learning Japanese and I would never be able to do it. WELL I WILL BE SHOWING THEM
  19. Originally Posted By: sand Originally Posted By: snowhuntress 14 nights in Furano with day trips to Tomamu, Asahidake, Kamui Links 14 nights in Niseko with trips to Chisenpuri, Kiroro. CAN'T WAIT I am spending 30 days in Jan then another 9 in Feb in Hokkaido, Plan on renting a vehicle and getting to a few different places. I was Just wondering Huntress if you're hiring a guide for Asahidake and Chisenpuri, Or if you doing those places yourself? We are just going to wing it - this is our 6th year but it will be our first to both Chisenpuri and Asahidake. omg
  20. 14 nights in Furano with day trips to Tomamu, Asahidake, Kamui Links 14 nights in Niseko with trips to Chisenpuri, Kiroro. CAN'T WAIT
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