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  1. I am interested in snowdudes report it sounds interesting so I will wait and see. BUT I am going with Kumapix LOVE IT. GET THE SKI'S & BOARD READY for 2009 !!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!
  2. Can anyone tell me can you ski across to Annupuri from Higashiyama. I am a novice level skier. OR would it just be better to catch the shuttle from Higashiyama. Have no problem Hirafu to higash. Is it worth going over to Annupuri??? I know it is a long way off but I have to have something to look forward to!!!!
  3. A little confused I am in Aus. You are getting the train from Toyko to Sapporo SOMEWHERE in there won't you have to fly or get a boat across to the north of Japan or is there a bridge???? The coaches from Chitose are great easily takes all your luggage (we had Bags, Ski Bag and Snowboard bag). We were lucky enough to get dropped at our hotel but even if you get dropped at the Welcome center or other stops it is only a short walk to most accomodation. Niseko is great for kids there is a petting zoo, tubing, winter horse riding we found it very children friendly. Also more to do at night i
  4. YM1919 I'm with Thursday why would you take a train when getting a coach from Chitose is so easy it will drop you right in the heart of Niseko. Getting the train from chitose to Kutchan and then taxi or bus with kids and luggage doesn't sound like a great way to start your trip. Go with TSV and go into Snowjapan daily reports and check the archives out for that month!!!! Family Ace run is a great run for beginners (including children)
  5. Already asked this question in another post but will ask again. Will Niseko still be having night skiing next year?? I just had some japanese visitors in and when I mentioned I was going to Japan next year they were so happy they said they really need the tourism as the economy is not great there at the moment and they are really relying on the tourism market. Another question (sorry) has the ski resorts developed summer attractions like Canada and New Zealand with the Mountain Bikers and Hikers??
  6. Isn't the Chinese New Year early this year in January???? We booked our trip for the first week of February as we thought the holidays were all over. Is there another public Holiday in japan that week?? WHO CARES I'M GOING SKIING!! Even a busy week at the resort you still get decent skiing in and if it is to busy SLEEP IN and go night skiing. Has anyone heard if Niseko is still having night skiing next year with the rising costs of everything??
  7. Thanks Mamabear for the warning on freezing feet I have just ordered a BOX of feet and hand warmers. Don't be to jealous I think the accommodations for 3 nights in Sapporo for the Ice Festival equaled our 14 days accommodation in Niseko. Thanks BOC about the restaurants if worst comes to worst Ocotpus Balls, Andy Pizza or Seico Mart will look good. Loved the little japanese restaurant just down the side street from the Niseko Park Hotel. Now I want to go there tomorrow!!! HOW MANY DAYS NOW!!!!!!!!!
  8. We thought the snow was great but all the locals and people who where regulars reckoned it was an average year. I'm with JA any bad season in Japan is still WAY BETTER than a good season in Aus or NZ!!
  9. I agree Mamabear spring conditions in Niseko are fabulous everyday was perfect with only one yukky day High winds and complete white out. Most days were blue skys with nice warm (1oC)days. We hit the slopes early as it did get a little slushy by late afternoon. We are going mid February next year little nervous as reading all the forums it is a lot colder, windier and LOTS of SNOW!!!! We are lucky enough to have been able to book after school holidays and Chinese New Year so we are hoping Niseko is not totally packed but we did have to hunt around for accomodation as it was filling up a
  10. WHERE DO I START!! Yes admittedly we are one of those people that jumped on the Japan Ski train. I was not over thrilled at my christmas present of a skiing holiday to japan. It is expensive, I am vegetarian what will I eat, We know NO japanese ARE YOU INSANE!! We had the time of our lives!! I ate so much I put weight on, I skied from morning to night, loved the people. Niseko was a great introduction to Japan Skiing, we ventured into all the supermarkets in Kutchan and shopped in Otaru. We are heading back next year with friends and then planning to go to one of the other resorts t
  11. 4 of us got our tickets Brisbane to Chitose $1200 with Japan Airlines return. As for that article in Sydney paper glad she wont be back and hopefully she has put everyone off going there and we can all have that horrible little ski resort of Niseko all to ourselves!!!!
  12. It is getting more and more popular. A lot of aussies have this idea it is really expensive and are worried about the food. Don't want to tell to many of them how good it is would prefer if they go to New Zealand and keep NISEKO all to ourselves (teehee).
  13. Yep we're coming a month early next year Early February. Now just panicking that it is going to be really busy!!!
  14. I know that Japan generally has some of the best snow in the world every year. But, obviously there are "good" years and "bad" years. Skiing in Australia, I've often relied on The Frog's long range forecasts to get a handle on what to expect each season. Are there similar long-range forecasters for the Japanese scene that we can check as the new season gets closer? I just booked our holiday to Shiga Kogen for January and as this is our first trip to Japan, I'm so excited I'm looking for any news on the snow front! We were in Niseko in March and they thought it was a bad season - but
  15. We spent 10 days last year and have booked for 14 days this year. Came last year by ourselves and are bring 4 friends with us this time. They are Canada junkies so we reckon we will convert them in 14 Days easily.
  16. Thinking it is all linked to Earthquake in China although Chile volcano was before China earthquake. LUCKY Mt Yotei is dormant couldn't bear for that to come to life!!!!! That would really interfer with my ski plans!!
  17. Friends are off to NZ to ski North and South Island but with in word that Mt Ruapehu may erupt any day it could be just a skiing trip to the South Island. OR a VERY exciting Ski on Ruapehu
  18. We went at the beginning of March this year and had a great time but didn't experience the deep powder Niseko is famous for so next year we have booked for early February.
  19. I had skied a little in Aus and Canada and then we went on a 6 week skiing holiday to Canada. On landing in Banff there were ALOT of people walking around in knee braces, slings, arms in plaster etc and on talking to them found they were ALL from snowboarding accidents. I had decided that I was going to give snowboarding a try but on seeing all these injuries totally freaked out and decided to stick with what I sorta had a basis for as the thought of injury myself on a six week ski vacation was not on my itenary. In hind sight I wish I had done the snowboarding as everyone I now go away
  20. Our trip couldn't have been easier. We flew into Narita - got off our plane got our luggage and then cleared customs and Transferred straight away to our Chitose flight - then straight on the bus to Niseko. It all worked out perfect as our flight got into Chitose about 10pm then we slept on the bus to Niseko and were up the next morning off skiing.
  21. God how could you be disappointed We skied nearly everday (couple of days sightseeing) and I still managed to put weight on because the food was so great. We like to go to Canada but the flight is to long and it works out an expensive trip so we were throwing New Zealand in every second year. NO MORE it is Japan all the way. My only disappointment was we went to dinner at a traditional japanese sit down restuarant and had a great night and meal and when we went to leave someone had taken my shoes and left me with a very cheap 2 sizes to small pair (that will teach me for only taking one
  22. We have just returned from Niseko and were wondering the same, why are there no direct flights into Chitose or Sapporo from Australia. Our flight was also full of Australian's heading to Niseko. We were thinking about Hakaba next year but thought it is easier to get the connecting flight to Chitose rather than lugging all our gear on buses and trains. I know even Air New Zealand and Qantas put on a direct flight from Australia to Queenstown during the ski season.
  23. We went to Niseko - The best thing (apart from the wide open runs) was that you could ski between the 3 resorts and even on the busiest day the cues moved nice and quickly because of the their scanning system and the runs didn't get over crowded. We had great weather and had a couple of good dumps of snow. Although next year we are planning for mid February to experience the ultra deep snow.
  24. We just returned from our first trip to Japan and are totally addicted and have already booked our trip for next year. I wish I had discovered it 5 years ago as I think it will only get busier and busier as the word gets out. The skiing was AWESOME - The food was AWESOME and The people were AWESOME.
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