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  1. How many people out there watch the Discovery Channel Deadliest Catch. We watch it regularly. What I am interested to know IS IT WORTH THE MONEY????? Sure it would be a heck of a lot of ski trips to Japan but oh my gosh living on Energy Drinks, Cigarettes and no sleep, freezing conditions, rough seas and dicing with death everyday for $35,000+ I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!
  2. YUMMY!! Vegemite and Cheese and Vegemite and Lettuce. Don't know if they are strange though they are quite common here in Oz.
  3. Pussycat dolls and New African Tribal CD. There you go one extreme to the other!!!!!
  4. EEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!! That is revolting. Hence that is why you make your own.
  5. R45 Yep we worked out today that our trip that was paid for in September would today be costing us $6000 more if you were going to book it today. Thankfully our trip is locked in and we wont have any hidden price increases but friends of mine who had only paid for their airfare have been hit with a price increase of $1500 on their accomodation.
  6. Hi KF You have sent my heart racing we booked in May and paid our deposit and fully paid in September. We were panicing because our taxes had increased by $200 in the 4 months. As of yet they still haven't sent us through a receipt and are not returning emails or phone calls. I will be on the phone first thing in the morning and hope I am not in for a big shock!! On our small print it did say that our taxes would be adjusted on final payment but nothing about drop of yen. I hope it hasn't gone up to much for you at these times it is nice to look forward to a holiday.
  7. Hi Wilson We surfed the Snow Japan Acccomodation sites last year and this year. Last year we stayed at Niseko Park Hotel which was awesome, onsen for hotel guests only (which was nice for a first timer), private bathroom and buffet breakfast every morning that kept us going until dinner time, ski straight onto the slopes.. We booked our trip in April this year for February 2009 next year which was filling up fast but ended up with awesome accomodation again at the Fresh Powder Apartments. My advise is check SJ places to stay and then check the village maps cause you don't want
  8. POW Improving my skiing skills Trying Snowboarding POW Time Off Spending some quality fun times with my friends and introducing them to the special place JAPAN!!! POW
  9. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT - We booked in April this year for February 2009 Niseko and it was already starting to fill up. I think you are going to find it's not where to go but what is available that will decide your trip.
  10. My friend makes this decadent thing called Smore You toast marshmellows and then while they are still hot put them between 2 Chocolate biscuits. YUMMY IN YOUR TUMMY!!
  11. Thanks RD - Yep now I have had a good nights sleep I can look at everything a little clearer. At least I not retiring and desperate for my money, I have my health and a good lifestyle AND most importantly I AM GOING TO NISEKO IN FEBRUARY. Everything is already paid for, we are going with 4 friends and we are going to have a blast. I will definately have enough money for my beer in the Onsen!!!!! I am already day dreaming of swooshing through the POW and trees.
  12. Yes today was such a super day - I have a business that is considered a luxury so it is hurting at the moment AND then to wake up and see the US dollar has dived to 70c when all my purchases in China are paid in US Dollar and then the Yen has dived to 71c. Our trip is fully paid for. I am not one of those rich Australians - I work hard and save for my holidays and enjoy every minute of time off. At this stage there will be no fancy eating out while in Niseko it will be Potato salad sandwichs from the Seico Mart!!
  13. Hi J A place is what you make it so you can sit there and get more bored more bored and gone insane. The POW is still 2 months off so I suggest you listen to everyone and get out and about. Go get a mountain bike - go for a walk - start learning Japanese. I am here working 6 days a week - 10hours a day dealing with idiots everyday BELIEVE ME I will swap with you any day. Don't miss out on this experiece ENJOY it!
  14. J how can you be bored already you have only been there 2 weeks. Get all your sightseeing done now so that when the POW comes you can just travel around all the slopes boarding all day and all night. Life is still same old same old on the Gold Coast warming to 30o for the weekend. We will be off in the boat all weekend!!!!!
  15. Thanks for the heads up on the GN photo's. I found I saw and now I am happy - The mythical snow on Yotei has been seen
  16. Sorry SJ ALWAYS check your site first and had for about 3 days but the image wasn't coming up. Gave myself an uppercut won't happen again
  17. Thanks for the update GN. I think I can actually see snow on Mt Yotei!!!! YAHOO!! NOW I'M REALLY EXCITED
  18. Oh yeah forgot to put that in my thread DOUBLE or QUEEN Bed - that would be nice! Housekeeping
  19. Get Up Go for a run Feed the horses Play with the dogs Feed all the wildlife Go to work Open store Have Green Tea Sit down and relax and checkout SJ Forums Then I do it all again in the afternoon (Except for the run!)
  20. OH You don't know what your missing - Go buy yourself some hundreds and thousands and try it you'll be addicted. Hubby has just put his 2 cents in - Warm (NOT TOASTED) Fresh bread, butter and Ovaltine. THATS AN ODD ONE!!!!
  21. We actually lost our luggage in transit and had to buy some gear to tied us over. We had no problem I bought some really nice ski gloves and some thermals and hubby bought gloves and a jacket. NO PROBLEMS. He did however have a little trouble buying some bindings for his size feet - but it was in March is fairly late in the season.
  22. Hey what about the good old FAIRY BREAD!!! Fresh bread a layer of butter with hundred and thousands sprinkled over YUMMY!!!! Or is Fairy Bread considered normal??
  23. HOLY DOOLY!! This thread got very intense. Our meterogist can't even predict the weather 1 week ahead correctly (I have found the most accurate to be Weatherzone). I do keep up to date with JMA weather closer to the date of holiday. Okay one thing we can hopefully be sure of is that there is going to be snow to ski on and as long as there a couple big dumps while we are there in February we will be happy. Even a day of snow and I am happy. If the temperatures a little above normal well then I will only have to wear 1 set of thermals.
  24. I was so depressed after reading Snowdude I packed my ski's back away and put on a sad face, But I'm going with local Mikepow and Greeneroom and keep doing my happy dance that it;s going to be a GREAT SEASON. Cause you know what a bad season in Niseko is still a great seasaon in NZ & AUS. Gotta go and get my ski's back out!!!!
  25. Great thread good to hear Sapporo is a good city - We are going in February for the Ice Festival. I thought it was going to be just like every other big city but now I am really looking forward to going!
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