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  1. Is there anything so wrong with going back to the same place??? We had thought of going to Appi Kogen this year BUT with taking friends with us we wanted to take them somewhere we knew AND with Furano and Niseko you have other options for days that might be blown out.


    Also with Niseko and a beginner snowboarder coming it means we can take her with us to each resort and still keep an eye on her whilst we enjoy our skiing.


    It will be very exciting she has never travelled, never snowboard AND never seen snow.


    We loved Niseko before it became "THE PLACE TO GO" so it will always have a special place in our hearts. No different to when we go to Canada we go to Lake Louise because we like it.

  2. Wow. Sounds like a fun trip. I can't believe how early you guys book. What's up with that?

    For us not many options in Furano and Our First choice was already fully booked for all of February. Niseko our regular stay had tripled in price and out 2nd choice was also nearly booked out.



    Remember the lift at Chisenupuri is not operating anymore snowhuntress so it's purely a backcountry peak now. And we've booked our accommodation already as well (believe it or not it was already getting difficult to find a place for the dates we're going and the size of our group). Haven't booked flights yet but will soon.

    Thanks for that Go Native. I did not know that. Revise visit Boys go to Chisenpuri Girls go Shopping :lol: .


    Flights aren't booked yet as most of them aren't putting up their 2015 prices yet. But we are looking at going Korean Air at this stage.

  3. :veryshocked:


    I think those houses are still there. Some people want them to stay and be some sort of memorial, others want them to go.

    They are certainly a sight to see.


    I loved those photo's of those house Muika can you repost them???


    I watch a you tube video the other day on the tsunami that I hadn't seen. It was a town with a large waterway through the middle, sorry I don't know where it was?? I honestly thought the town was going to be safe with how wide and deep the waterway was BUT that soon became very clear the town was in trouble. SAD!!

  4. Chriselle I am sorry to hear the results. I didn't see that diagnosis coming. Believe me the pain in the wallet will go away and eventually in your heart whatever the out come, it is always important to know you did everything you could for them. Please keep us updated on Ti-kun's progress.


    Gozimaas I am so so sorry to hear about your dog.


    I am going to give all my babies an extra big hug and kiss now!

  5. I Love pottering in my garden. I have a gorgeous cottage garden filled with pretty pretty flowers.


    Put a Veggie garden in BUT the rabbits ate it. Put in a raised vegie garden but then the Kangaroo's ate it. So we are currently putting in a raised raised vegie garden to keep everything out!!!

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