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  1. After about 3 weeks of rain we FINALLY have had about 1 hour of Sun - It looks like the rain is heading back but at least we got to see the sun, I had forgotten what it looked like
  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas - Please when you sit down for dinner remember those that are not as lucky as we are and say a little pray for them and give thanks for what you have OH BY THE WAY BIG THANK YOU Mr Snowhunter for my BOOT WARMERS!!!
  3. I have just bought these - they may not be practical (neither are 6 inches stiletto's) but I love them and they look GREAT!!
  4. Saw Due Date - It was good quite funny but I think I would have ended up murdering the guy and stealing his dog!!
  5. Went and did most of my christmas shopping today!! Don't get to the shops often MAN there are some great things out there. Cupcake Makers, Soft Serve Ice Cream Makers, Chocolate Fountains - Are you getting the hint I am on a diet and could only see the food Items One of the neatest things I saw was a Miniature Movie style Popcorn maker COOL!! Kikki K - for the neice Target - New pool for the Dog Coles - For the ponies (honey puffs and giant bag of liquorice allsorts) Funky Gumboots - Mum Soap, Chocolates, liquorice, Crossword Puzzles Books - Dad SURPRISE - My Snowhunter
  6. We used the Places to Stay Page often. We go onto it and read up about the resorts that look like they may interest us. Then we go back their websites and do some more study, then we will either email direct from their web page, we ALWAYS let them know that we got onto them via the Snow Japan website or if there is no emails or returned emails we go through Snowjapan contact.
  7. Originally Posted By: panhead_pete Just scored all of Feb off if I want it. Stoked. Feb 10-20 is already booked for Niseko but may have to hit somewhere else besides Hakuba as there Dec 30 for 11 days. Hope you can make some time to come play with us pp I am going to hunt down GN while we are there this time too LOOK OUT GN!!!!!
  8. An oldie but I cried so much my eyes were swollen for hours after. BEACHES
  9. America is now sending a aircraft carrier to assist South Korea in it's war games off the coast of North Korea. Would you not think that North Korea are going to see that as a sign of aggression against them????? I think everyone needs to take a chill pill or get a Wii or something. I don't want to be dodging stray missiles on the slopes this winter
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Even a bad year in Niseko is considered an EPIC year to NZ skiers and a totally EPIC year Australian skiers. DON'T PANIC IT WILL COME!!!!
  11. ML when are you going to be in Furano?? We will be there early February. Business class is working out SO EXPENSIVE - Have had to go out and buy an outfit just to wear on the plane
  12. Originally Posted By: Mamabear you do know she was joking about the occupation, yeah? MB I had totally forgot about that little white lye I was trying to figure it out what he meant and thought he must have meant I had drugged Mr Snowhunter . Wish I could say we paid for our seats but we upgraded with frequent flyer points - Oh well who cares still going Business Class!! Better up my act a little huh!!
  13. Yep accurate PP we are watching live coverage at the moment. They are saying that North Korea sent up to 20 missiles into a small fishing village in South Korea 1 civilian killed and 13 soliders injured. South Korea retaliated back and at the moment there is still sporadic fighting. Experts are saying that it is a show of power by North Korea because of change of leaders to show their people how powerful they are
  14. Okay we are well and truly finalised now I THINK Furano 10 days Tomamu 2 days Asahikawa 4 days - Kamui Links, Asahidake, Zoo, Ice Festival Niseko 10 days Will be hiring a car in Asahikawa to get around. CAN'T WAIT - OH AND WE'RE FLYING BUSINESS CLASS
  15. Anyone watch Deadliest Catch?? Was devastated that Phil Harris Died SO SO SAD!! It apparently the first time in a reality show that the death of a person has been recorded.
  16. Domino's Japan offering $31,000 for one hour's work Working at a fast-food restaurant is often a rite of passage for young workers looking for work experience, but Domino's Japan is upping the ante and will offer one lucky person $31,000 for just one hour of work. The deal is in commemoration of the pizza chain's 25th anniversary in Japan (and 50th worldwide) when Domino's Japan plans to hire one lucky person at a rate of 2.5 million yen for 60 minutes of work in December. Domino's Japan is keeping mum on the details, with more to be released on November 11, but they have confir
  17. Starting out slow but have big plans Walking with bursts of running - 80 lunges during the walk - squats - step ups - dips - push ups. Went for a 2 hours bike ride yesterday AWESOME planning on riding the bike to work 2 mornings a week. Boxercise once a week and Zumba. Plans have crashed a little this evening with the news I may have a torn ligment on the rotar cuff.
  18. I see white stuff on the ground in Niseko Village GET THE BOARDS & SKI'S OUT
  19. I sure as hell no I am not going to play them!!
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