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  1. :hijack:

    Sorry Chriselle to hijack your thread - I hope your boy is doing well.


    WORST 2 weeks EVER - My mum had a fall at home and broke her hip - then in hospital discovered she had a heart condition which, obviously took precedence over her broken hip, 2 days later my dad had to have a minor eye operation, 4 days later my father in law was admitted to ICU with pneumonia then 3 days after that Mr Snowhunter was admitted with a aggressive bacteria that has made it's home inside his foot.


    MEANWHILE in between ALL of this my beloved old horse (30yrs) became ill and I had to have him put down. I had had him 20 years and he died exactly 1 year after I lost my other baby, (37 yrs) his paddock buddy. LIFE SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!!!

  2. AGEING SUCKS BIG TIME!!!! In my mind I am still in my 30's then i catch a glance of my reflection and wonder who that old woman is.


    I was so fit, fabulous and healthy until 45 NOW I am on a first name basis with my doctor :sadface:


    AND what is the go with all the aches and pains in the mornings when you get up. BLAH I want to be young again :eyes:

  3. Well sadly I have PACKED the weight on. Went from triathalon fitness to a couch potato. 1st diagnosed with Lung Heart problem then developed frozen shoulder that last for 2 years but still managed to exercise with my arm strapped to my body. THEN just as the arm was coming right SMASHED my foot. It has taken 18 months for the foot to come good and now the fitness and weight are SHOT!!

    Hardest thing for me thing for me because of my heart problem i am not allowed to do any cardio work at all :-( But I am determined to get some sort of fitness back for my AWESOME ski trip next year. ;)

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