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  1. It's a place called Devil Craft in Kanda/Hamamatsucho . Bloody amazing place run by three Americans who know their beers. You come for the beer, but stay for the pizza. And cheesecake.
  2. We finally succumbed to Disneyland - cue Boy in Japan's probable response, if he could say it. "what the **** is this shit? where's Thomas?"
  3. How much in debt is it? Couldn't SJ buy it up with all their membership fees they have been collecting over the last decade and buy it out?
  4. Went to Devil Craft Pizza last night, and with it being IPA day, thought I would consume a few for "scientific" purposes. Brimstone Ale - very tasty and match well with feta cheese. Who's your daddy? This Double Daddy IPA is your daddy. And at about 9%, you soon find out why. Scuttlebutt IPA, don't remember much of this one. Lucky Bucket IPA - yeah, completely forgot this one.
  5. Crazy weather the last few days - bloody hot, then "bloody" cold. Wish it would make its mind up. Wonder what this means for this year's snow season?
  6. Visited the new Devil Craft branch in Hamamatsucho last night. Very nice Chicago deep dish pizzas. Apologies for the facebook link of photos. This is The Eden pizza. A vegetarian pizza with extra feta cheese on top. The Devil works - the works with lots of fresh ingredients. And their cheesecake.
  7. Kagura: 28 Maiko Snow Resort: 16 (+) Muikamachi Hakkaisan: 8 Naeba 15 Bye bye Gala.
  8. That needs a spoiler tag. And a warning. A warning that you need to turn the volume down if you have headphones in.
  9. Recently, I have been using the untappd app to keep track of my beer consumption. And then stopped paying attention; however, it's great for finding 地ビール places nearby in Tokyo/Yokohama.
  10. Learn to start making tea and filing stuff and become an OL. Just don't get pregnant by the boss.
  11. Crikey, if you were to think about the financial aspect of things, you probably wouldn't have moved to Japan either. Suck it up for a few months, go cheap, and then reap the rewards.
  12. There is a huge Seiyu store but no AEON. White lightning - brings back some hazy memories of my first drinking of "cider".
  13. It will automatically connect I reckon. The xbox one will run in a low powered state, it has to if the Kinect sensor is to pick up the command "xbox on", so it could be possible that the internet connectivity would run in the background, or perhaps something similar to ps+. If you go on holiday, then as DumbStick says, it will probably be ok. It's not like people spend all day in front of their computers or video games consoles, is it?
  14. Whatever does the job. Cider is a quintessential summer drink and is sorely missed. I'm a little surprised, considering that apples are such a big thing over here, that cider hasn't been embraced. Ume-shu is always popular, as is flavoured chu-hi but cider would be great.
  15. Would love something like Forza or GT for the PC. A bit lacking in that department surprisingly.
  16. Many wifi set ups are approaching that speed, but with 802.11n having a max speed of 300mb/s, and that is a big if, if you can reach it, getting 1Gb/s connection over wifi is not going to happen for a long while yet, due to the way the signal is not full duplex. If you do not have channel bonding set up, than the max speed you'll get is about 150mb/s and even then, that is wishful thinking. Most people do not know about channel bonding either. Yes, because when electricity first came about, people thought 'hang on, let's put some plugs in the house just on the off chance it will work'
  17. Yeah, also had some of that Gentleman James over the weekend, good old Shephered Neame. Funny thing is that in the UK, it's called Gentlemen Jack.... Dunno why the name change? How comes that, Man? Busy with work and family, so much so, that don't have much free time to do stuff and if I do, it's usually sleep.
  18. Had my first beer in ages on Wednesday and was very nice. Picked it up from an import food shop in Yokohama, 298yen a can, and well worth it.
  19. Calendar days only for me here - which means not much to do. Was going to try and get one more day out on the slopes and away from the onslaught of work but alas, everything is pretty much booked up for the trains that I want to take. Instead, going to have a BBQ in our local park with some Aki-aji.
  20. Maiko was alright. Weather started good, but then turned shit. Pics to come later.
  21. A guided tour of ponshu-kan. Recorded it on my friend's GoPro but he didn't give me the video. http://youtu.be/9fmmxO6dbeI
  22. If you are talking about digital, then FLAC files are the best as there is no loss in the compression/decompression of the file. If you want the source files, e.g. the master tapes from the studios, then if there are FLAC files available, go for them. Sometimes with mp3s of 192kb/s or around that amount, you can hear hissing in the background, if you have a decent set of headphones on. Otherwise, if someone likes the turgid pop crap that files the charts, the should go for whatever they like.
  23. I have the HD558 for home usage. Silky tones pouring liquid aural orgasmic juice. But I guess it depends on the original quality of the source you are listening to really.
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