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  1. Drinking this tonight from Antenna America. Slightly spiced, but very tasty.
  2. Have you been?! Ken (The Japanese guy) really knows his stuff, and Clayton (the American with the goatee) will not accept a drink. No matter how many times you ask him if he wants one.
  3. Really digging my IPAs at the moment. Got an app called Untappd for my phone that checks off what beers I've been drinking. There are some amazing West Coast IPAs out there. Currently drinking this: A double IPA from California, at 9%. Very malty, with a long, warm aftertaste. If anybody is in Yokohama, try going to Antenna America in Kannai as they usually have over 70 beers in stock, from 400yen.
  4. Clearly not enough units have been set aside if many sites, e.g. toys r us, amazon, yodobashi, biccamera sold out within 20mins. Moreover the sony store also crashed and sold out...
  5. Ordered one with a camera for me, and one without for a friend who couldn't get through. Sony ****ed right up.
  6. Yep, seriously. Amazon were willing to ship it overseas at about $25. If they cancel it, well sh*t happens, eh? The main issue will be the X and O buttons but not that fussed. I think O is confirm and X is cancel but on Japanese systems it's the other way around?
  7. How about a list of keywords that filter out the comments? For example, if someone posts an enquiry about hotels, then send it to the rubbish box?
  8. Do you want a reclining chair? Simple up and down?
  9. Did you order yours from Amazon.com? Looking forward to mine coming next month.
  10. Ok, here goes. A good topic as I'm in the process of trying to sort my own one out right now. There are, as you say, three kinds of licenses in Japan, the ones you listed. The small ones are quite simple to get. If you have a license from your home country, just change it over, but depending on your nationality, you might have to take the driving test, as well as other tests, such as a written test and eyesight test. The last one is mandatory for all. If you don't have a license, well here's where it gets complicated. You can't, or so it seems, get the oogata license without havin
  11. Haha, I'll be honest, it's been tough during the hotter times, but it makes the beer taste so much better. You don't need to exercise anyway Chriselle, you have a monster 4x4 to drive you around.
  12. I had to google Fartlek! 40kms -every time you run? Doh! 40kms a week... I usually do 3 x 7km during the week, then a 20km run at the weekend, sometimes 2 x 10 or 1 x 20.
  13. Am knocking out about 40kms in running, with some Fartlek training thrown in. I am going to do the Coedo half-marathon in November, and have entered the lottery for the Tokyo Marathon, which takes place in Feb 2014.
  14. Yep, just take the monorail up from the airport.
  15. Yes. Let's make gin and beer cocktails, rather than gin and tonic.
  16. Had some of this when I was up in Hokkaido during Obon. We popped over to Asahikawa, specifically the Ramen Village, after going to Asahikawa Zoo, and also the Taisetsu brewery. Whoever thought that butter would go well with ramen needs to be high fived. Shoyu butter ramen.
  17. I thank you! A quiet weekend on the goals front - unless you had Frazier Campbell or Podolski. Quite surprised by it.
  18. Are you keeping the same rules for this one? Yep, am afraid so. Can't be bothered to enter two separate teams.
  19. Supposed to be finding out on Sep 9th in SESJ's latest press conference.
  20. Joined just now. Having won the office league the last two years in a row, I've been handicapped with only being able to choose players from outside of the teams that finished in the top four last season. So no Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, or Arsenal players.
  21. Thanks for reminding me, GG. Just ordered two cases of bottles. Remember fellow bottle purchasers. Return those bottles and cases to get some money towards your net Akiaji purchase.
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