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  1. Here I go.........already awake and packed and almost ready to go!
  2. ewok - don't know you but always glad to hear when someone gets through these things. happened to me a few years back - hit some ice and went spinnin. My best mate was in the passenger seat and all I could think of was what if he was injured/died. Wasn't worried about my safety. But all turned out good. On to good news- snow in Yokohama today and tomorrow - might have to cancel kagura and stay here
  3. singles, doubles, whatever - just get me on that lift to the top - don't care - well to an extent - who I have to sit with!
  4. Noticed this at gala the other week - popped up on a Monday - was dead quiet, yet their main lift from 'cheers' up to gigi was fully ladenned with the chairs but no queues. Was great for me - straight up and back down and straight up again - but you gotta wonder if last season put a lot of people off. Hopefully Kagura will be like that next week
  5. I'm currently using a pair of Burton mission bindings on my 163, and a set of airwalk on my 160, and I strongly recommened the mission's. They are about - ooooooohhhh - 4 years old now? - maybe older. But they have been bashed, kicked, ridden on, over tightened and still give great support and nothing on them has broken. The only problem is they are slightly rusty now but they can be cleaned up. The airwalks were a little stiff to begin with but seem solid enough - but they have only been tested once to make sure the angles were set up correct.
  6. Originally Posted By: kokodoko thanks everyone. domo, what undies should i get? ones that include warmers
  7. Wool easily wins over polyester - especially when you start to sweat a bit and the polyester starts to itch. Also little trick, if using wool, get some scotch guard and little spray over some wool. That way, if you do fall over and get snow on it. it shouldn't melt on it and just fall away.
  8. indeed, a very good read, shame about the shocking format of the paper though - the layout was a little annoying
  9. Um funny should you mention this as a friend of mine commented on this exact same thing - she is worried that I will cause a pile up because of me being a 'boarder . Try checking out some private insurance companies - the one I am with covers winter sports, but of course have to pay a premium - maybe have a look at your insurance, if you have it, and see if you are covered. If not, have a look in metropolis as have occasionally seen a couple of companies in there.
  10. 30/30? Thats a tad to sharp for my liking - would be interesting to see photos of your stance nuejam
  11. Well my curernt angles are +9/+3 what do you think I should set them up to to ride switch? even bought a new board on yahoo to try this out on - that's how determined I am this season
  12. Cheers for the advice so far. Kinda funny as I tried doing some of the terrain park yesterday at Gala - ie the boxes and jumps anddid them fine. When itired to step it up - huge face plant and embarassment all around when I accidently landed switch. will try all your advice next time I go. Silly question - but how would I go setting up my bindings goofy?
  13. Really need some advice for riding goofy. I usually ride regular (left foot forward) and have no problems with that at all - however, when it comes to riding goofy/switch - I just CAN'T do it. I have been snowboarding for about 3 years now - riding a 163cm board if it helps - has anyone got any tips to help?
  14. To jump in on this - are there any places that do overnight stays for just one person? JR tends to be geared towards two or more people and my friends aren't very reliable
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