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  1. Bang on the money. We had to ask LOTS of people in the school and show evidence that we have experience. Unfortunately 9000+ posts on Snow Japan doesn't count, but the galleries did. We have made it to be a fun club; however, we did get asked about badges etc. We managed to delay that problem by saying it depends on how popular it is. Even got some posters made up too. All going ahead from next month. Thanks for the help, Mr. Wiggles.
  2. Well we're looking at going away at weekends during the winter months, and also doing some indoor ski slopes during other months. Probably some teaching I guess too.
  3. So I've been asked by my school to start a school winter sports club, primarily based around skiing and snowboarding, as I have over 10 years snowboarding experience and about 15 years. My coworker would be in charge of the skiing element, and I would be in charge of the snowboarding side of things. I was wondering if anyone else on here has gone about a similar route in setting up a school winter sports club? Moreover, how about getting a license in teaching snowboarding in Japan? I think it would be useful but I have no ideas about how to get one, and moreover, if I could do it in an ins
  4. Played it, got bored with it. Went back to playing FM2014. Dartford up to the Championship.
  5. I don't see male on the list. What should I do?
  6. Addicted to these. Even took a couple of bags up with me to Ishiuchi last week.
  7. All I got for Xmas was an extra 4kgs of love handles. Time to eat "properly" again now. After I buggered up my knee the week before the Coedo half-marathon, I haven't been able to do much exercise.
  8. Did something similar when I first came to Japan. Bought green tea, thinking it was apple juice. Shittiest apple juice ever.
  9. If you are prepared to try shops such as hard-off, a Japanese second hand paraphanelia store, that sells winter sports gear, you MIGHT get lucky but again, for that kind of price you would probably end up with some 6+ year model that has seen better days.
  10. Same. I was expecting some kind of valley, or serious backcountry trees and rocks. Looks like he was just unlucky.
  11. I was surprised by the amount of obese Australians when I was in Oz last year, so this doesn't kind of letter doesn't surprise me. Still funny as mind.
  12. Ooshima announced her retirement. Mere minutes later, suicide on the Yamanote line. Coincidence?!
  13. Arrogant Bastard is a great drop......I was drinking that a lot in Los Angeles this past summer Arrogant Bastard is good. This is the DOUBLE though... 11.2%
  14. Yay! Let's all pray at the alter of the nanny state in the hope they take away our choices to protect us from ourselves! :worship: Seriously bleating on about your nanny state theory? Let the resorts choose, you wear a helmet and your covered by insurance. If not, well that's your choice, you can pay for your own insurance for skiing/snowbpardng. People like to protect their brains by wearing a helmet, guess you disagree with people looking out for one another.
  15. Those are happoshu I think. And taste like it too.
  16. Had a monster session around Kannai craft beer places on Sunday. Got lots of pics of beer but highlights include the Baird Beer Bakayaro! And Stone Double Arrogant Bastard ale and a Thrash Zone Hop Deicide.
  17. Is it us foreigners or those foreigners? I'm getting confused in my old age.
  18. I did it once when I rented a board out at GALA Yuzawa, 9 years ago. The rental boards all looked the same and there were a bunch of them together. I didn't realise until I handed it back in and the rental staff got angry with me. Hohum. At the resorts I've been to, I've started to see a slow rise in the amount of stuff being locked up. Nothing too expensive, but maybe a 100yen lock.
  19. Shocking news about Schumi. Well to anyone that this happens to. He knew what he was doing when he went off-piste and had the intelligence to wear safety equipment. Perhaps this accident will show people that helmets can mean the difference between life/death. A friend brought up the Natasha Richardson accident and how she wasn't wearing a helmet iirc. Perhaps slope owners will think more about their rules with helmets and off-pisye safety.
  20. Abenomics! You're the third person to say that to me today. Is everyone in on this Abenomics thingy?
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