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  1. Seiyu's got a 2 for 280 yen offer on their 330ml British beers, so they're effectively 200 yen for 500ml again. Just above happo-shu price.


    Yep, not a bad deal. Seiyu seem to be branching out and using their international supply chain to bring in new products from around the world. Although, it's a shame that the are selling the 330ml bottle of Spitfire and not the 500ml from earlier on this year.

  2. Good question. I enjoy my job and don't want to stop working as it keeps my mind active. What I'd really love is a nice work-family life balance more than anything.


    If I had to choose though, not too young. My dad retired through ill health at the age of 42, which is about 9 years on from now. Personally I think that was too young, but he is much happier now. I guess mid fifties really once I have achieved everything I want to do in my work life and happy. Luckily, if I stay in my job for another 15 years then I will get a good retirement package.

  3. For some reason, this world cup just doesn't seem to be building up the excitement for me.


    It could be because it's in Brazil so the time difference screws things up, or that the overpaid prima donnas don't deserve our attention, or that Sepp Blatter has right royally ****ed up the whole World Cup process. It's just around the corner, and noone in my office is excited by it, nor have they been fooled by the over excited British media.

  4. Haha....I saw ur post on FB after I posted this.


    Us underclass only drink Tennants Super, cos we are Supermen :p


    Sshh don't tell people we're friends on FB....


    It's ok but not as good as I expected. Much prefer their silk or black ebisu. Moreover, this is way more expensive than the regular Ebisu as well.

  5. Had that early today. It's ok. But then I'm British therefore I am related to the royal family and therefore I would not drink peasant piss.


    One only drinks champagne whilst the Scottish underclass sup on their Tennants and that ilk.

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