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  1. 14-ML-15090-ML- This topic has been moved to the Trip Reports section of the Forums.
  2. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver Samui, did you manage to see/ hit any beer places at night? All my beer drinking was done in the lodge. Yebisu Black, Yebisu, Guinness (electric style draft) and Sapporro were all on tap.
  3. Originally Posted By: thursday. 21 March to 24th March Oh no! I hope the Aussies stay home for family easter egg hunts in the backyard, or church, or whatever they do on Easter. Please do not go to Niseko.
  4. All the restaurants serve draft beer. There is not a real village at Suginohara. You are better off going to Akakura for the restaurants.
  5. Originally Posted By: thursday. you will be banned very soon I will point all fingers at my you and tell them you held my bunny for hostage and made me do it!
  6. Originally Posted By: thursday. you'd be hitting Easter. That'll be bizzy bizzy When is Easter?
  7. It seemed the Katakana for Niseko was okay, but when we started discussing the Kanji. Kaboom! I am terribly sorry. I think a big warning should be made, because the no kanji guideline is hidden in the small print.
  8. it seemed Warhawk is right. Kanji makes it explode. わたしわ ナイス 害 I posted that and it went boom!
  9. Originally Posted By: Indo yes boys... I think tomorrow will awesome, bad news is Cat tours are booked out till march... This whole booked out crap is beginning to bug me! Tried to book a few restaurants for family tonight and they were booked out till the 21st! then the cat tours.. off this crap.. hopefully we can get some spare seats to bring joy to this Roo Circus! ps. thursday, you had better book ya dinners now for march mate! How do the Cat Tours work? Do you have to have all your backcountry gear? Do they provide everything you need? How much is the cost per person? Final
  10. Originally Posted By: spook so is it easy enough to move between resorts then? Yes, with a car. The shuttle bus service between Kanko and Suginohara is not that often. Alternatively, if you stay at a place where free private shuttle service is included in your stay, then it is easy. Most places are within 15-20 minutes of each other.
  11. Originally Posted By: MOFOFUNC THanks Samui. Ill be heading there for a day mid march too. Which mountain would you recomend if we only have one day there? One day? Meaning a full day of riding? If I had a single day I would do the following: Myoko Suginohara for the 6am to 8am lift ticket. I think it was 1000 or 1500 yen. Then, depending on the weather conditions and anticipated crowds, I would consider (1) staying at Suginohara, (2) heading to Akakura Kanko or (3) Seiki Onsen. The decision would be based on your skill level and riding desires. Seiki has more uncompres
  12. Originally Posted By: yamayamayama Ahh! You are mistaking Faith with Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Obviously not a real fan. No mistake. The OP made reference to Faith/Wham and then was corrected. The mention of Wham will cause nightmares of pink sweater and white pants to most 30-somethings -- fan or not. Definately not a fan. However, I did like the video of the supermodels lip synching to George Michael. I do not know the name of the song, but please hook me up with the video.
  13. Originally Posted By: yamayamayama That was George Michael actually, not Wham. (Oh dear, did I really post that). Please go hid in sham! The sad part is that, I just got pictures of Georgie Boy hopping, skipping and snapping his fingers on stage in a pink sweathshirt and large gold hoop earrings.
  14. Originally Posted By: thursday. Samui, I am very grateful to SJ and Higashiyama Resort. Great idea these giveaways don't you think. Yeah, they are a great idea! Enjoy yourself in Higashiyama. If you get the chance carve "SJ Suxs" in the powder and post!
  15. Originally Posted By: Jyves I'd like to add that I am developing a 6th toe these days. I don't know if it was caused by my boots or excess running (had 4 runs/hikes in 3 days 2 weeks ago). I am starting to get a 6th toe on my left foot. Must be pandemic.
  16. Originally Posted By: Go Native Last season was one of the worst on record so what Mamabear experienced were unusually bad conditions. The fact that it was still pretty good says something about how much snow we get here even in a bad season. Mid to late March is a bit of a gamble if you are looking for powder skiing. That said a couple of seasons ago we have over a foot of snow on the last day of March. It can be awesome and it can be mediocre. Generally by that time most days the temp will get up to or slightly above freezing at the base and conditions on the lower mountain will be varia
  17. Ok, thanks. I was just wondering who had won Higashiyama, because I am jealous! Congrats, Thursday! SJ you suck!
  18. Feb. 8 - 11, 2008: 4 full days Took the overnight bus from Osaka to Hotel Moc, near Akakura Kanko. The bus to Myoko area is very comfortable compared to the buses that go to Hakuba area. However, there are many stops along the route to Myoko. Fri., Feb. 8, Day 1: Myoko Suginohara. Great day for cruising the mountain. No lines and fresh snow all day long. Myoko Suginohara has a tremendous long run from the top to bottom. They claim 8.5km. The best courses are on the Mitahara side (left of the gondola) of Suginohara. For freerides, the course directly below the upper hooded l
  19. How do I find out the winners? This link is not updated for me. http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/previous-giveaways.html
  20. Originally Posted By: Stuntcok I want to set the record straight. The VAST majority of avis occur on slopes between 0 and 90 degrees. I am going to disagree here. All avis occur on "slopes" between 0.01 and 89.99 degrees. But, now I am wondering if you are in the land of Oz, do the avis happen on slopes between 90.01 and 179.99 degrees?
  21. Thanks for sharing. It seems to me all the resorts have chair police armed with an old broom.
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