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  1. 2 months ago, I realised that: 1) I was addicted to reading dross on the internet, lots of it actually on my Facebook page (stuff I didn't write, of course!), I was always checking it 2) what I was checking really mostly wasn't interesting 3) increasingly wary of privacy issues, not that I totally understand it all. But mostly 1) and 2) It seemed more and more like a sad and sometimes even pathetic waste of time and life, and I felt that something needed to be done. So I decided to permenantly delete my Facebook account. It felt odd at first, like withdrawl. But I quickl
  2. So many people booking so early is another point that puts Niseko and region different to most other skijo. Friend of mine works in a hotel in Nagano and he said they only even start to take bookings for winter in September!
  3. Numerous days in Niseko would quality for me. When I went to Rusutsu this year it wasn't as good.
  4. White Men Can't Jump. Thanks for reminding me about Woody/Wesley. Want to get to see that again.
  5. Place near us has artificial grass. I didn't know until recently, it looks pretty real to me. I think things have moved on since 'Astroturf' or whatever it was called.
  6. How many years ago was it when you were living in Niseko, Go Native?
  7. I haven't been following really but have there been tons of complaints about the decidedly un-winter like weather?
  8. I think the crowds are going to start putting more people off. Especially if they hear that in most other places the lines are close to non-existant. Not everyone needs posh restaurants that you get similar to back home.
  9. Last season winds were a bitch. Read the archive Niseko Now reports on here.
  10. And I came in here thinking that it was about Hakuba....!
  11. Great. Good move NPG. Definitely entering this one, it will be very popular! So can I complain in advance that there are only 3 winners and not 10!
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