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  1. you won't be able to do anything but straight airs unless you ditch the leash though.
  2. Originally Posted By: Oyuki kigan i've been thinking about noboard design, and i would like to build my own, kinda like Wolle did. Except, i'd like to make a twin-tip, so that you could do shuvits and stuff in the pow. Wake skates operate on basically the same principle as noboards, and i think that a longer wakeskate-shape would be perfect, reverse camber, reverse sidecut, and a low-profile tip and tail. Maybe about 150 to 155 cm long... There are a few different types of wakeskates now. Last summer i rode one where the deck was elevated about and inch or 2. the bottom deck that act
  3. Looks like you guys had a blast, can't wait to get back up there myself. Nice work!
  4. Thats my poaching jacket. Now you see me now you don't.
  5. Some pix from the trip. Sadly no action shots it was puking the entire time. My best 2pint impression
  6. I have an auto here in Japan. There is to much traffic were I live. I love driving a manual but not here.
  7. I have cought myself going what I call 'stupid fast' a few times this season. Its when you reach the point that if you go any faster you will be out of control, strength comes into play a lot at that point. But it is only stupid fast for my level. Im sure there are people that would think my stupid fast is easily controlable for them.
  8. When I was in Niseko I saw people trying to ride snowblades in the pow, it was hilarious.
  9. NPM its probably the network your on. Are you at home when trying to view or work?
  10. Check out the photography thread. That is the cam I want to get but its not offered in Japan. You'll have to order it from the states
  11. Originally Posted By: Kingofmyrrh Another great weekend lines up! It will be nice, hopefully weather will cooperate. I only wish I was able to go up this weekend as well. The rents are coming for a visit so I will have to entertain.
  12. I portabello burgers when I go home. I can cook a mushroom that taste like a steak. So goood!
  13. Kuma, that thing is disgusting. It may be good for poaching though because anyone who looks at it is going to throw up sou you will be able to drop while they are hunched over.
  14. Good, deal FT. Glad to see you got to put in some real work and relieve some stress. Nice work!
  15. I too will be attending the course March 1 & 2. I'm turning this into a 4 day weekend skiing on Friday and Monday if anyone else is down to rip.
  16. we didn't take pix, but I will keep it in mind next time.
  17. People do complain about the "under God" part because of religious freedom in the States. The pledge is just a part of American culture. I can understand why you think it sounds creepy. I thought the same about a lot of different things when I came to Japan.
  18. here is a good read if you really want to know. I said this everyday before school from grades 1-12. Every classroom in every public school has an American flag in it and you face the flag and say the pledge.
  19. level 6 first time level 8 the next. I don't think I have ever heard of the last 5 places.
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