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  1. what part of your body are you catching the soccer ball with Diz?
  2. Alright, I am going to try and set this to bed. TB you are right asking questions is a great start. But don't expect people to tell you to go here and drop in here, turn left at the big tree and hike out to here. People with real BC expirence will know what questions to ask. No one is going to give up fav spots to some gaper asking dumb questions. Not that ASL is a gaper but he is asking the wrong questions in the wrong place. If you are serious about getting into BC your doing the right thing. Keep your eyes open on the forums. Do your research, knowledge and the proper equip
  3. I got thuroghly hammered everynight. FT was in a drinking mood last weekend and I didn't want him to drink alone.
  4. Sorry Serreche, we were laughing at you guys. Dave basicly layed down and said, "watch this" Your scenario was far more difficult than ours. It was a great tool though. I don't want to be involved in multipule burrials on a steep slope, that stuff extremely difficult.
  5. I am very excited to see what comes of this, it could be great step for our community. Of course there are always downsides, but Nagano has a long way to go and I don't think corporate exploitation will take over Hakuba. The region is far to proud to let that happen.
  6. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Now thats badass, keep it up. No doubt some of the best work I have seen done in Haks. Good skiing, good pix, you have had yourself a great trip. This is how its done right. It figures, the sweeeeds come to town and rip things proper. I give it up to you! dozo
  7. If this is true it might be terrific for skiers/riders. It may provide the kick in the arse resorts many resorts need. Then again it could also be tragic in the long run.
  8. Lets start spreading rumors that the trees will be open there next year!
  9. Dave the guide and designated trail breaker Lines on north face of Happo that I had to look at all day. thanks guys, you know who you are More of the same But it was a nice day for a hike Looks tasty down there Cut this cornice 3 times but it just wouldn't drop. Our only pow turns for the day Dave spitting snowpack knowledge, really good part of the course. Roustch block 6 = good stability Multiburial Scenareo #1 We found him he's alive Probe line for gaper who wasn't wearing a beacon Great pix SerreChe
  10. I have nothing but time on my hands so I will link a bunch to this thread and put in captions
  11. Good deal Diz, keep up with the rehab and you will be doing spring lines.
  12. Is this what your looking for? BC Vid This is the one about the guy that died and his buddy that lost his leg
  13. Originally Posted By: SerreChe Actually not so lucky... Yellow sands from the Gobi + high temps = like riding cement before it sets... Thick & heavy & unpleasant molasse. yes, I skied 2000m of the yellow sand on monday. It wasn't so bad up high but terrible in lower elevations. Stupid Chinese sand!
  14. I have to go lower my din now. That was effing brutal. So tragic to loose a leg.
  15. I have wanted the sidewinder for like 3 seasons now. I just can't pull the trigger. Stuff is expensive! I will need a new base layer next season as well. After getting into BC more I realize some of my stuff is just not going to cut it.
  16. Oyuki kigan, I had fun at your jib fest. Watching people take slams is always a great way to end the day. Some pretty sick stuff went down for a backyard jam. All for a good cause as well, glad I could come out and support.
  17. Originally Posted By: Kumapix dude, we destroyed it...literally we looked back at the bottom and we had sluffed the entire lookers left half. Okemo got chased by Frosty the snowman re: the river crossing I threw my board into a pile of snow but it bounced off and into the river d'oh. So, to show support for my poor board I just jumped in and grabbed it and ran across. My boots didn't really get wet though. Okemo, on the other hand, tip toed across the rocks like the ballerina he is and didn't touch the water.... but he was soaked from sweat. Well I would say sorry for destroying
  18. Looks like Sunday was a tits day all over Honshu, everyone who wasn't stuck doing pits and rescue scenarios had a blast. I was taking the Avi course and had to look at people shredding sick lines all day.
  19. I wanted to throw this up so we can share pix. I don't have any but a few of you were taking shots all day. I know some people were talking about keeping in touch for sharing cost, riding together. So if you want to throw up a post so people can PM you and connect handles with faces.
  20. Originally Posted By: Fattwins How was your day? You know how my day went on Sun, Kuma and I went to the big triangle from the 2nd cairn. turns up top were decent, little wind blown. It was sluff city everywhere you looked today. Snow got super heavy in lower elevations. Sluff was snowballing to Volkswagon size rollers. All and all a good day for me. I used some of my new skills, recognized hazards, I'll give myself a B+ in sluff management which was priority in lower elevations today. We worked the snow and the terrain pretty well, stayed safe in less than ideal conditions and
  21. Kuma was talking about this kind of thing today while we were hiking. Is it worth it to spend the extra dough to get top of the line stuff??? If your going to be touring your gonna sweat and sweat gets cold real effen fast. When your standing at the top of some line after a hike and the wind is kicken its really nice to be warm and dry. Today I started feeling a little cold and wet, Kuma was warm and dry. Guess who was wearing top of the line stuff?
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