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  1. yeah, your right, they look good at work but I don't see them at home.
  2. tson you need to resize some of your pix, I think a bunch got cut off. Or maybe its just me
  3. Dan is in love with his spats now, he sleeps with them when Risa isn't there.
  4. Here are my contributions. Nothing special but maybe some others have stuff to add. Brocker Chuckles and Aki This was a really easy out but for some reason it took King about 15min to cross. CHECK OUT THIS GAPER
  5. You guys should have stuck around for sunday, FT did the beautiful line he wanted and we all watched him from across the valley. Then Kuma took me to a SUPER fun spot and I did it all on the Brockers that Stunts let me borrow (thanks again Stunts). I am still stoked about the day I had, if fact I am still sporting a semi.
  6. Oyuki is fine, his friend is hurt, I will let them give info if they wish. I just wanted to send my well wishes to the injured ripper.
  7. I apologize for the previous post after hearing what happen this weekend. Get well soon, I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.
  8. I will see you out there! I won't be riding park but I love watching you tea trey sliders take slams! hahaha. See you there Oyuki
  9. what are the performance differences between the Carbon and all glass Brockers? they both have the same dimensions don't they?
  10. Hey Stunts, no comparison as in how, I don't think Im fallowing you? I got the prophets knowing that I can flip them with ease next fall and make some dough on them if I decide to go another way. My original thinking was to put Dukes on my Guns and use them for my touring set up and then get a ski like the 130s/Toons/ARGs for pow. I am thinking that the Brockers would be a good replacement for my guns not replace a full on fat pow ski???
  11. I want more of a powder specific ski though I think I would be more likely to flip the prophets and then pick up Stunts ARGs. Decisions decisions.
  12. if I could get the brockers at the price I got the prophets for I would think about it, but they are probably going to be almost 2wice as much. Still thinking about what to do with the prophets
  13. Id love to get some BROs but I already purchased 2 sets of skis this season. I would have to give up some actual ski days if I was to buy anymore.
  14. 14-ML-15449-ML- This topic has been moved to the Trip Reports section of the Forums.
  15. Kuma can you see pix now? It was still snowing when I left Haks yesterday afternoon. I wish I didn't have to leave.
  16. It was snowing pretty good when I left Haks today, gonna be a good week up there
  17. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy I am waiting for pics people!! Dude, some of us have priorities such as eating giant steaks, getting wasted, and skiing the foot of fresh snow that fell last night! We did Saka trees and some dam drops this morning and it did not suck once again! I tweeked my knee a little bit so I called it a day, there is much more to be had next weekend. Dan has his usual boat load of pix, hes gonna hook me up with some tonight and I will post them. Did I mention it snowed another foot last night?
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