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  1. Good idea from Sam, last season I launched of a cornice into some steep and deep. It took me and 2 other guys about an hour to find my skis and poles. Goggles and hat were lost forever.
  2. From what I have done here on Hoppo and Kagura were well worth rope ducking and hiking up a bit further.
  3. Not going through an agent, we are just checking out the ski flyers at all the train stations
  4. We are trying to do this trip on a budget, we are mainly just checking out the flyers at train stations, looking for a good package deal flight, hotel and lift ticket all in one, hopefully get some meals too cause I hear food is expensive there. Am I on the right track or are there good deals to be had from other sources.
  5. So I guess its better to just get the airfare and hotel deal and pick up the lift tickets on our own?
  6. Not gonna have a car, we are advanced to expert skiers, not all of us have avi gear so rope ducking and bootpacking will be be the extent of our adventures. What one spot did you find enough stuff to keep you busy for a week?
  7. Trying to plan a 3-4 day trip to Niseko for the end of January. Wondering if it is worth getting the pass for all of the mountains Hirafu, Higashirama, Anmupuri, or if we should just choose one. If we get all 3 it will cost about 10000yen more than if we just choose one mountain. We are probably only looking at 2 or 3 ski days so is it really gonna be worth it to try and hit all 3 mountains? or should we just choose one. From my reading I would say Hirafu would be the best choice. Any input would be helpful.
  8. I am in, It will be me +1. Looking forward to meeting everybody
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