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  1. Such a dilemma, I feel so sorry for you. I fear you have been spoiled by Japan with an abundant amount of pow days over the years. Coming from the EC I can’t actually imagine ever saying to myself “both days will be fresh. But the snow on Saturday will be faster than the snow on Sunday which will be blower.” Giving up a blower day seems incredibly moronic to me but then again I am not lucky enough to be in your situation. I only wish that one day I will have similar dilemmas, and P.S. it was very hard for me not to hate on you Samurai perhaps I’m growing as a person.
  2. Japan does have a lot of burger joints but most just don't stack up to ones back home. So who makes the best burgers in Japan? (i can't believe i actually created this thread my sickness is driving me delirious)
  3. The trip ended up being fantastic. It snowed the entire time I was there, knee to waist deep everywere I went. I ended up staying on Hirafu both days. The hotel was cool, I was the only gaijin in the place which was pretty cool. I expected it to be a little flat so that didn't really bother me, after the first day it was easy to find and stay in the terrain I liked. Fun stuff I will deffinetly go back. The cost of the trip was very comparable to what I would spend doing the same amount of days in Hakuba. I still smile when I think about those early morning waist deep t
  4. I really thought this thread was going to be about real football. What a jip.
  5. I'll take tit sucking over responsibility any day! But really soubs, you have a point. Im not knocking single mothers at all, but there are just some things a boy needs father figure for. Im going to ponder that dilemma now, and hit my father with it next time we talk.
  6. Coming down pretty hard here again. Some people outside my building are building a very inappropriate snowman, very funny stuff. I would post a pic but it wouldn't be up for very long.
  7. Awsome work from a sick rider. Great to see a bunch of your work produced some great shots. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself and hope you get a chance to come back to Japan.
  8. I hope it gets bitter cold tonight and turns this place into an ice rink. Its Super Bowl tomorrow morning everyone should be inside watching the game tomorrow morning!
  9. More of a wintery mix now, sleet and rain are melting much of the snow that has fallen. Look pretty grim for anything sticking through the day here.
  10. Snowing nice and hard here now, getting a good amount of accumulation. Nice to see us getting this much down here. Could be some train delays today because of the amount we are getting. This is at 5:45 this morning.
  11. Thanks Mama, I too am glad you are ok after your ordeal. Its a rough position. My first reaction was to get up and yell at them for stopping in such a dangerous place, but it was obvious they were noobs and had no clue what they were doing. I saw them at the lift and told them that we were all pretty lucky and told them they need to be a little bit more aware of potential hazards on the mountain. They were apologetic, I think it kinda sank it would have been pretty tragic if I had landed on/hit them at speed. It all worked out accept for the lump on my bean.
  12. We'll it happen to me Thursday in Hokkaido. I was on the Hanazono side of Niseko in some gorgeous balls deep pow, it was before 930 so much of it was still pretty untracked. I was blasting and looking forward to launching of a natural berm I had seen on the way up. Unfortunatly there was a guy helping his girlfriend dig her way out just on the downside. By the time I saw them it was to late. I did manage to miss the both of them but the landing was doomed. I went through the washing machine and whilst I was tamahawking some how one of my polls wacked me on the back of the head.
  13. 14-ML-14926-ML- This topic has been moved to the Trip Reports section of the Forums.
  14. What are the little eggs on a stick called that you can get yakitori places? I think they are quail eggs? whats the Japanese name for them?
  15. MeJane, I was dead to the world after skiing so hard everyday, you guys didn't bother me much.
  16. I got stuck in Yuzawa on night it ended up costing us like 12000yen to stay. what a waste
  17. Im sure we will all go back there and do the same lines. I know I will. I do plan on being more stealthy about it though.
  18. Perhaps the wave and the head nod were a touch disrespectful. I understand the patrol is just doing their job. But patrol or no patrol that line was calling me, safety to myself and others was not an issue, so I took it down. The weekend just wouldn't have been complete without it.
  19. Im gonna suggest name tags for next time. There were a few people I wanted to talk to that I knew were there.
  20. Kuma, I'll be up the last weekend in Feb and the first weekend in march for the RAC. The RAC is Sat Sun but I will be up Fri-Mon. Hopefully make it up Feb. 11-13 or 17-19 as well I have a ton of time off in Feb and March.
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