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  1. I have been thinking about doing the same thing but having just got back from japan when the snow is good you just want to be charging at your best, so maybe its something to do in oz when the snow is not so good. One thing to mention though if you go bacl to skiing you will not be doing parralel turns, unless you wanted to ski 'old school' style. Skiing now is with skis shoulder width apart and using the edge to carve and it has become much more like snowboarding in style. I would say that if you can carve on your snowboard and know how to use your edges properly then you will probably be abl
  2. Originally Posted By: Jynxx Wait a minute snowluva, IF you have flexy bindings then a lot of the movement will be absorbed by the binding movement so there will be loss of precision, feeling of contact with the board. I don't see how the flex pattern will be affected by the binding other than where you attach them. ie: center, setback stance. Maybe for some people the flexy binding might act as a shock absorber, but the part of the hardware that's designed to do that job should be the EVA padding. Can you explain. I'm a bit confused. my experience has been that when i have had bi
  3. @ratherb@thesnow the rope tow is at the base of the duplex single chair in higashyama (niseko village). from hirafu you go up ace quad then up the double or the triple hooded followed by heading out to the left down towards annapuri, and the base of the duplex single. The rope tow is there and the briefing is in the building which is just at the top the tow. Briefings are at 9.30 or 12.30. (yes the building is right near the start of Zangi)
  4. i have owned flows but would never go back to them. they stiffen the flex of the board in my experience and make the set up of the board far less versatile. for my money the extra time of tightening 'standard' bindings up is totally worth it. With any binding you need to consider how it affect the flex pattern of the board and so the bindings need to match whatever board you choose.
  5. Happy to say that i had the insanely pleasurable experience of heading into Mizuno No Sawa on tuesday. It had been tracked a little and i should have got in there earlier but it was still epic and if i had been more onto it i would have done the course on the first available day and then gone in on every possible day. We rode under the gondola till the first gully and dropped in to it with deep spring like snow (after a warmer day). The turns were so sweet and the terrain was so good. Even a grumpy old bugger in the group couldnt ruin the experience. Beacons were not provided either were helme
  6. Keen to hear any ones reports from being in there. i am so stinging to get in there, having gone over many times in the gondola and cried about not being able to get in there. Does anyone know if the line beneath the gondola is allowed? or is there strict conditions on where you can/can't ride?
  7. Foxpuppet, just wondering what your thinking mate? i leave tomorrow morning for japan, you keen to take some photos? I am staying just behind powpow and right next to Barumba. Let me know what you think... Scott.
  8. Gday Foxpuppet, just thought it would be good to go out on some fresh days. Maybe into Myhirashi or somewhere similar and get some action shots, but yeah will also be heading out at night for sure. Carrying tripod is a hassle but I think it will be coming along. What would you be keen to shoot?
  9. Should have mentioned actually, i am only an amateur photographer and i am i guess a fairly strong level snowboarder, but i am happy to go out with skiers or boarders. Would be mainly looking for really nice powder turns.
  10. Gday Paul, that would be perfect mate except that i am there january and you in feb so that wont work for us, but that would have been perfect otherwise. Hope you have an amazing time. Scott.
  11. Just wanted to see if there was any photographers out there who are going to be in Niseko between the 12th and 22nd of january? If your used to taking photos of people but would maybe like a good photo or 2 of you as well for those snowless summer months, then i thought it might be cool to meet up. We could go out for some turns on a solid fresh day and take some action pics of each other etc...I shoot nikon D90 and maybe being able to swap memory cards directly might make it easier. Anyway it's a random idea but please reply if you might be interested. Scott.
  12. Just a shout out for if anyone is flying into Sapporo on the night of the 12th January. I have a private transfer booked and we have room for up to 4 more people. if you want to jump in with us just let me know...Cheers.
  13. Thanks GN, thats all good...more stoked that less rain is now forecast, coz it tends to make the snow pack unstable etc...if you see someone snowboarding with a red camo jacket from mountain design with a big smile on his face stop me and say hello...cheers... Veronica does that mean you smoke 35 bongs a day?? that cant be good for you... funny comment ^ i like it...
  14. stooooooked!!! heading to Niseko tommorrow and been checking this thread daily like the obsessive person i am...thanks to all who take the time to put the weather stuff up...
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