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  1. Once the police finish the forms, you realise that it will need to be sent round for all the hankos, right?
  2. On it's way! I might have to get out with an umbrella... always wanted to be on telly!
  3. My gf made a killer lemon cake with loads of icing yesterday. Never before has a cake been so lemon-y. It rocked, and we ate it all.
  4. For the 5 days, do you just eat and drink completely as normal?
  5. SoftBank also need to be is censed and apologise issue. <<< always been the case!
  6. Never. Sorry. But inflation will rise.
  7. Isn't the weekend the "official turnround" (when you must do your turnaround-ing?
  8. Is the green hue a photo thing or is it actually a bit lime green in there?
  9. Why were gangsters harrassing children?! Not very gnarly is it really.
  10. Anyone see Fierce Creatures, which was kind of a bit like a sequel?
  11. Yes I found that one to be rather odd too. Not that it was a factor, but Halle Berry kind of always seems to annoy me.
  12. Why does the Tour de France start in.... Yorkshire?
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