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  1. Aha yes that's what i meant ;o. I haven't fully adjusted to yen pricing just yet. The reason i ask about monkey rider is because there is not 1 review/feedback i have found on the net. It looks like it's the right choice but haven't found one with no curfew at the same price range =\
  2. I've been looking at cheap places to stay with 2 mates in echoland area. I've been checking a few places and the cheapest place i could find is 450 yen at Monkey Rider. There's not a lot of information about this place so i was wondering if anyone has stayed there or heard stories about them? I sent them an email 2 weeks ago but never got a reply regarding what room to select for 3 people. Anyway this place has no curfew which is a must since we'll be going out to town at night. Just wondering what other options are there. No other places i could find on the snowjapan places to stay lin
  3. Ah right, but i guess renting from Australia will only benefit for longer stays and if that's the case you might as well buy. How do you go about bringing your snowboard gear over and back? Can you put it along with your boarding luggage? But then all other gear would weigh too much and would probably be impractical.
  4. Another Tim here, who is also first time Hakuba/Japan visitor is roughly the same height 183cm 77kg. I have no idea what to look for regarding snow gear but i think i'll make this a yearly hobby so would it be wise to buy gear in Japan rather than here Australia? Only problem is i don't know what's suppose to feel right. And am i getting this straight, if i bought a board in Japan it might not go so well here in Oz??? And Timmeh, where did you find that package? What's this about rental to only US/Jap travellers. Are you saying they won't hire out gear to aussies?
  5. Yeah i'm not sure going about off track tree runs. It'll be my first time snowboarding so i'm not going to try anything daring . What area would have the best views for outdoor onsen's? Anything that's aesthetically pleasing in its surrounding and where you can kick back with a few beers. I will base the accomodation near the visually appealing onsen's cause it'd be a pain to come back to the resort and then have to travel in the cold just go to a hotspring. Hmm just notice some places are filling up. Which means adjustment of dates from Jan 18th to Jan 27th is that still a good time
  6. Ah right, that's decent pricing for the lift tickets. Damn, i thought K's was more walking distance to goryu/47. So the hakuba village is the place with bars/clubs? Might not be bad for night time when stumbling back home . I guess JR rail pass will be useless travelling around the Hakuba region. Yeap i meant evergreen. I remembered when i tried to book they also had a section saying "will you need accomodation" and if i selected hostel, it wouldn't say which one? It was a couple weeks since i looked since i have to plan the overall Japan trip and tackle with current exams. And yea i not
  7. Hey all, i'm new here and have my flights booked for Japan (Dec 16th - Feb 12th). Before i book accommodation, i want to make sure if these are the right dates to go snowboarding in Hakuba: Jan 29th - Feb 8th, or Jan 25th - Feb 3rd. That's 10 days, but me and my 2 friends are flexible with our length of stay. That is, if there's any price break points with gear hire, accomodation etc. after XX amount of days, we'll consider it. Since we'll be there for a while, we're looking for any decent places that's no more than $50 AUD (5,300 JPY)per person per night. Anything walking distance or nea
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