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  1. Yeah i'll be over 18th jan - 4th feb so im hoping to make that hakuba party and meet some SJFmers. First time to Japan, in fact first time to snow overseas and from everything I've read its going to be awesome. Because the Australian doller is high I put together a nice package for him from online specials, atm it includes. 2007 rossignol sultan 163wide $109usd 2007 salomon spx L bindings $100usd 2007 salomon dialogue boots $110usd and approx $150usd postage total $470usd or 509.627 AUD which in my books is a pretty sweet deal. anyway hope to see you all over there!
  2. lol, he is looking at buying a board I was finding out if that length is suitable for japanese snow for his spec.
  3. Thanks for your response, If my freinds 6"1' 185cm~ 95kg~ would a 163cm wide board be suitable in japan? or too short? thanks Tim
  4. I think i might suggest that to him, he went to NZ this year and did some snowboarding in Aust so personal opinion purchasing his own gear would pay for itself pretty quick but its his money thanks for your help!
  5. Hi, First of i'd like to say hi, to everyone in the forums, been a long term reader but only just signed up. Would like to say that SJ has been doing a great job, and is a great resource and i hope they keep it up. Anyway im going to Hakuba in Jan with a freind, and he dosent have his own gear so does anyone know approximatly how much 16 day snowboard gear hire would be approx in yen. thanks for your time! Tim
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