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  1. Thanks for all your input guys, i have a much better idea of the area now, I have only been to Niseko, and Hakuba sounds to be a lot bigger and more spread out!and hopefullly a lot less overseas, poser,tourists who make idiots of themselves and disrespect the locals and their hospitality.
  2. Hi! Mantas, where would you suggest to stay for someone who has not been to Hakuba?
  3. Thanks for the good advise Fattwins!Is Echoland in Hakuba Village?
  4. Yeah! SJ#2 i will check out the site, but where is the best place to get off the groomers and into the pow! and some tree runs without getting hassled by the ski patrol?, you don't travel half way around the world to do groomers!
  5. Thanks for all the feedback, is there anywhere you can stay where you can walk to the main lifts of hakuba 47 & Hakuba goryu? I take it, this area is the pick of the mountains for freeriding?
  6. I am thinking of going to Hakuba, from Australia this comming snow season, can anyone tell me which is the best or most central area to stay within all the mountains?
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