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  1. My list is maybe 100 countries too many. I love travel experience. I really want to go many place in Europe. The big problem is time to go there (and of course cost)
  2. I want to go to Kyushu. Also I would like to visit Hokkaido in winter time.
  3. I just have DS and enjoy it on trip. But I don't use so much. So many people have it here always sold out!
  4. I first skiing with school when I was elementary school student we went for ski trip to Shiga Kogen. Since then I love it so much.
  5. I love Kyoto. I went many times when I was child and since then also and so know quite well. But I think you need time to discover it best.
  6. I am not interested in shop when I go ski resort. But I think that old and closed place is not good for image of resort area. Some look very old now I think.
  7. Thank you. Well I like many guys but 20 to 1 sounds maybe too much! I think joke right? (What is troll?)
  8. Hi I am in Tokyo. But my family originally from Mie-ken.
  9. I love Hakuba area but my trip last season had bad snow. My favorite trip last season was trip to Shiga Kogen and Nozawa for 5 days total. I think timing was good for snow.
  10. Hello! I am so happy to find this site, look like fun I was snowboarding since 5 years ago. I love to go place in Nagano, Niigata, Gunma. I went about 20 day last season even if not much snow but I really enjoy it. I am hoping go to Hokkaido next season. My friend both Japanese and foreign say it is best snow. It's funny question maybe about Niseko. I heard friend tell me that really there is so many guy there and not many lady. Is that true or stupid story? I look forward to next winter. Sorry my English not perfect! Yui
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