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  1. Thank you all very much! Many of you have mentioned the snow this year - was it bad? And if so, where was it bad? Would Happo One be a good choice? It seems quite easy to get to, a big choice of places to stay and possibly more a skiers mountain? Can anyone recommend a good travel agent to book through? I don't think I can organise it all without some help. Many thanks again.
  2. We are a family from the UK, currently living in Sydney and we want to ski in Japan next Christmas as a once only opportunity. But I am completely baffled by the number of resorts there are and the vast array of accommodation options available. I have been recommended Happo One by a travel agent, because there is an English speaking ski school and there seem to be family friendly hotels there also. But I have also been recommended Niseko by another travel agent who was excellent and knowledgeable, but Niseko is not accessible from Tokyo and needs a separate flight. We have three
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