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  1. Originally Posted By: Go Native Where'd I get it from? Every post I've made you've replied with posts suggesting that my information may be incorrect including using the ridiculous argument of 'oh it's just as bad in other countries'. You are coming across as either a denialist or apologist for some of the bad stuff that can go on in this country. As I said I absolutely love living here but that doesn't mean I close my eyes to eyes to things I don't like. If you want to start another thread asking for things we love about this country believe me I can easily fill a page or two or three. There'
  2. Originally Posted By: Go Native Ah I see you're one of those gaijins who believes as 'guests' here we have no right to complain about anything. Absolutely not. Where did you get that from? I certainly didn't say it. I didn't imply it either. Originally Posted By: Go Native I'm also tipping you probably aren't intending on spending the rest of your life here so it matters little to you how NJ residents are treated because you won't be here long enough for it really to matter to you, hell you can head home anytime anyway if you stop liking it. Incorrect. I have permenan
  3. Right, I see. Me and every single person that I know must just be really really really lucky then. (For the record I don't think Big Brother-like policing/government is a good idea).
  4. The cars did look pretty strange didn't they! Pretty strange but not pretty.
  5. What a lovely story. Who's to say it's not a load of made-up bullshit? And regardless of whether it is true or not, I am sure very similar stories can be found in (*insert any county name*). People also tend to tell their side of a story leaving out details that may be less than favorable to themselves. Quote: Doesn't mean I have to look at everything with rose coloured glasses. A handy oft-said comment, sometimes used by those who like to wear the shit-stained variety of glasses.
  6. Quote: There's plenty of stuff out there if you can be bothered searching for it though to suggest the police in this country completely overstate the amount of crime committed by NJ My guess is that to a certain extent many countries are the same. Completely overstating is different to "locking (them) up after someone has accused them of something".
  7. I hate any kind of raw meat. Cook it please!
  8. Don't want to use wide brushes here, but I have heard some of the "gaijin accused of something he has nothing to do with" a few times. Is it always really the case? No smoke to indicate even the smallest of fires? Totally 100% innocent? I really doubt it myself.
  9. Tokyo now after having lived in Osaka, Kumamoto and Hiroshima.
  10. New here and wanting kudos for saving this from the 2nd page Great pics great thread. Very jealous of MikePow.
  11. What does this season become last season? May perhaps? Well last season I got 10 fun filled days in.
  12. Ski for me. 20 yrs on and off. Never tried snowboarding never really felt the urge.
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