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    Family Resorts in Niigata

    I have mostly skied Nagano with my kids over the last 20 years. Norikura, Cortina and Tsugaike are all pretty good for beginners, the former two having large hotels at the base of the mountain.
  2. Not a question, but perhaps useful info for some. Our style of travel is not the easiest for non-Japanese speakers, as it requires a bit of effort and navigation of Japanese websites. Four of us took a family trip to Niseko in March. We probably spent between 300,000 and 350,000 for 6 nights (5 days of skiing). 80,000 for 4 roundtrip on Skymark Kobe-Chitose-Kobe (great price booked 2 months in advance) 160,000 for 2BR, 63sqm in Upper Niseko Village (40% off regular as it is near end of peak season) 15,000 for 7 day rental smallish car with ski rack. Bit of a squeeze after we hit Costco, but not too bad. After spending 8,000yen for our first lunch at a resort cafeteria, we decided eating at home or leaving food in the car made a lot more sense. We did eat out twice in Kutchan, spending about 10,000-12,000 each time for the 4 of us (no booze). The Costco between Chitose and Niseko is where we stocked up on a lot of food for the week, but the supermarkets in Kutchan are also good options. This is where having a car really paid off. Lift ticket averaged 4,000/day by buying them via Yahoo Auctions. All single resort passes. Younger son is under 16, so we bought him a ticket at the counter. Some days my wife and I would take turns sharing a single all-day lift ticket, since neither of us want to ski 8 hours a day for 5 days. We brought our own equipment.
  3. SnowKobe

    Best decent place to snowboard from Kyoto

    Biwako is easiest, but not great. You should be able to find organized ski buses that will take you from Kyoto to some decent resorts in Gifu or Hakuba
  4. My kids have been skiiing for a number of years, and are eager to take up boards. I am wondering where the best hill is for beginners. We will be hitting Tsugaike, Cortina, Goryu and Happone on our coming trip.
  5. I am looking for NY's eve places in Hakuba. Any suggestions?
  6. Originally Posted By: MikePow **** get over it. Happens in every town in the world every drinking night. And fyi, the local Aussie was a Kiwi. No, it doesn't happen in every town in the world. Only amongst the ignorant who think drinking to excess is a good reason to harass others and cause physical pain. Of course if this is part of growing up and the culture in your town, then that is fine. But the Japanese are never eager to see a bunch of foreigners come and get in fights, even if it is amongst themselves. If it becomes a common occurrence, look for a heavier police presence, less inviting local population, and even immigration restrictions. The Japanese can be as paranoid as any culture when it comes to threats to their way of life.


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