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  1. That's pretty high praise I will see if I can find bus times online. Might have to do the ice fest by day and then get my day's boarding fix that night
  2. Yeah i have heard that Japan is very safe! But I think it's more foreigners that you have to worry about than the locals
  3. Hello....has anyone been to the Sapporo ice festival? Is it worth going to? How long does it take from niseko and how easy is it to get there?
  4. I think I will take the lock option...I have had a rental board stolen before, from the Chalet ski room in Austria!!! The ^&^&% Frau would not cough up the insurance money, forgot english all of a sudden. SO methinks for a few bucks the lock might save me some grief
  5. yeah that's what I am thinking, do most hire places give you locks?
  6. Hello.....anyone know how secure snowboards are at Niseko? last thing i want is for my board to be stolen....recommended to have a lock everywhere I go?
  7. Hi....just a question about duty free....I just bought some gear recently (jacket and pants)....how can I claim that on my way to Japan?
  8. Far out that looks great, heading there in 9 sleeps so I hope it's as good then!!
  9. If they have reasonably priced kids snowboarding lessons from the Prince that would be perfect!! So is it good snow right now? And are there big queues for the lifts? Must be a long ride in the Gondola if it takes 9 minutes!
  10. Yeah I noticed that they had lessons but could not see if this included snowboard lessons and I don't think they had all day lessons either, but can check when i get there as I have half a day to sort it out
  11. Too easy! Just one other question...I have heard conflicting (confusing?) reports about the Prince gondola (or the one coming out of the Prince hotel)...is this open or closed this season?
  12. Great thanks for the info! How long does the shuttle bus take to get to Hirafu from Higashiyama? Sounds like this is the place to go...and concurs with what I have found on the web. Thanks again this forum has been excellent
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