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  1. I went once there and it was just totally dead at night. That wasn't a problem though, I was there with friends for the snowboarding. We had some onsen, had a good meal in the hotel and there was like a small izakaya place in the hotel too. My favorite place I think.
  2. I hear stories over nightmare queueing but I have never experienced any. I usually go mid-week so thats probably one reason.
  3. I have been snowboarding for 5 season now. I'd call myself a decent intermediate snowboarder just don't seem to be able to go enough to improve that much. Always have fun though, thats what it's all about.
  4. Chiba city. The city that rocks, of course.
  5. My tv conked out on me 2 weeks ago, but now I have a nice shiny new flatscreen hi-def plasma. Wish I'd have changed sooner! The place I got the new one took the old one off my hands, promising some kind of recycle environ-friendly end to it.
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