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  1. I have heard rumours that it is really hard to hire ski boots in shiga kogen and Hakuba for men's western size feet. My son's are size 11 feet. Does anyone know if I can risk leaving boot hire til I get there or should I hire in Australia? it is just so heavy carrying it all over
  2. Thanks, am going to stay at Wadano Lodge. The boys at Morino Lodge (its big brother) looked after us so well last time we were in Hakuba
  3. Hi guys we are looking at staying either at Resort Inn Alpu in Happo or Gallery Lodge in Wadano as we are on a tight budget. We are two western families of four with teenage kids. I was told to be careful not to end up in a lodge that is full of smokers or young partiers. We used to party ourselves but now need our apres sleep! Anyone know what Alpu and Gallery are like and whether they would suit our needs?
  4. Wow thanks for all the great input guys, really looking forward to checking shiga out
  5. Sounds like Shiga is a huge area. We head there in January for the first time Where is best spot to stay for family of four that are all intermediate to advanced skiers. We dont need nightlife, just closeness to the best skilifts for long challenging runs It seems that the main areas are Ichinose and Giant?? We looked at Sunroute, Prince, Alpenburg and Shirakabaso Hotels but hard to get a decent comparison from their websites thanks for any input Tess
  6. would love details on what was wron with it if you can get em off your friend. thanks for the post
  7. We are after budget accommodation near shuttle buses, near ski fields and near a few restaurants. We are three families who dont need much nightlife, just a good meal and a chilled out place to hang in the evenings Any recommendations between Snow beds Backpackers at Echoland, Penke Panke at Wadano and The Lab in Happo?
  8. Thanks and yeah, snowboarders are great so long as they are in control. Maybe it is just in Oz that we get a few radicals that think they are expert when they are still newbies! Sounds like exploring all three is the go
  9. Thanks and yeah, snowboarders are great so long as they are in control. Maybe it is just in Oz that we get a few radicals that think they are expert when they are still newbies! Sounds like exploring all three is the go
  10. We stayed at Happo in Morino Lodge three years ago and both the skiing and the accommodation were great From memory the best uninterrupted long intermediate runs were on Happo,the runs on Goryu were shorter and had more flat bits in between the intermediate sections. Also on 47 it was great but we had to dodge the snowboarders. Am I remembering correctly? This year we have friends coming who have suggested staying at Goryu because they found cheap accommodation there, but it would mean eating out every night. So two questions: Which is the better skiing for intermediates t
  11. good point, I stick to the groomed runs and for that Happo has more options but did not occur to me that one8s might be a tree skier....I am not game to do the trees....dont have good enough travel insurance!
  12. yep. good roads, interesting scenery once you get closer to the mountains and freedom to stop whre you want. We stopped at Yorii roadside diner....very interesting Japanese green tea from a vending machine, tasted like lollie water! And about 20 cats sitting around us while we ate at the outside tables!
  13. Not crowded at all by Aussie standards in Hakuba. No lift queues and only time we played dodgems on the slopes was Sat and Sun middle part of day
  14. We are staying in Happo/Wadano and the pub does a great Japanese pancake Okonomi. Happo and Hakuba 47 favourite mountains, former better fro skiers, latter great back country fro snowboarders (from what I ahve been told I sk). Have also heard that Uncle Stevens Mexican and Hie Japanese in Echoland are great restaurants. The bars in Echoland are good too from what we hear Have a great time
  15. sorry, forgot to take the camera again!! took lots of video cam though so if I can figure out how to load this up on the site, will do that instead....otherwise today...promise, photoes coming! Now about 7.30am, beautiful blue sky and now that the weekend is over, should be the mountain all ours again. By Aussie standards, there are no crowds at all, even on the weekend. No queues at the lifts, just ski straight on. \the slopes got a bit crowded yesterday but nothing compared to Ausralia and thur/fri were dead quiet so looking forward to another day of deserted slopes today now that the weeken
  16. do let me know what you think of Shiga as we plan to go there next trip, hope u have a great time, the snow monkeys are a must see from what I have heard
  17. no Tim Tams here either so we brought our own!...but you can buy Milo in the Justgo supermarket at Hakuba Village! And try the Italian Hot Chocolate at the Virgin Cafe at Happo One if you ski there...it is too die for! We had no probs just getting on the bus and paying the driver from Nagano to Hak, I am sure same would apply for the Shig bus. Also had no prob buying anything on credit card but have not tried accessing cash from ATMs
  18. Hakuba is looking good, snowed all day last two days, sorry havent got any pics but conditions were great at Happo
  19. on and our incar navi was also only in japanese but with that and the map it was no problem as the pictures are easy to match up!
  20. We just drove from Narita to Hakuba and whilst the maps seem easy enough to follow and signs are in English I would not do it without a gps in the car as there is no way we would have picked all the turn offs that are not clear on the maps without it! And believe me, the jungle of traffic getting out of Tokyo ven when you are just trying to use the ring roads leaves little time to dither about which lane to choose! But with the gps it was a breeze! Cost about 8200 yen in tolls. See tolls or electronic tag post from a couple of weeks back and Narita to Shiga, are we mad post
  21. This forum helped us find our accom at Morino Lodge and helped us choose Hakuba for our hols so just wanted to say we have now been here for 2 days and it has been great! Hasbt stopped snowing! Fantastic day yesterday and day before at Happo, heading to Goryu/47 tomorrow...and the lodge is great!
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