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  1. The lake effect is nothing more than cold air gaining moisture as it passes over lakes and such water concentrations. I think what Matt means is that snow-forecast just takes into consideration oceanic/sea evaporation.
  2. You have a point, and the truth be told what they have at the schools is Minke whale, which is not classified as an endangered species and it's also not considered to accumulate toxins in its meat. Minke meat is read and lacks the necessary fat to store the toxins that other whales can. I'd like to hear what you guys think about this anyway...
  3. or maybe you can find something similar in Japanese.
  4. It would be cool if somebody could translate this so I can show them. http://www.wdcs.org/dan/publishing.nsf/allweb/0526214B44FC0583802569F1003E8816
  5. Since I am the one who works for this BOE I think it's logical (at least in japanese terms) that it's me the one who tells them and not somebody completely unrelated. If you have any suggestions or pointers to information like O11, please post them here.
  6. All the schools within my district share the same school lunch menu, so it's not a school thing, and therefore I think it's better to contact the BOE. I've spoken to the teachers about it already during lunch and they said that in the past they were not allowed to serve it, but recently it has become "allowed" again. As you well know, it won't do any good that you write to them, but if it makes you feel better I'll PM the name of the Board of Education to you later. I know I probably don't need to say this but anyway,if you do write them don't be impolite or anything cos I have to work with t
  7. Today is the second day they've had whale in the kyoushoku (school lunch)... it was a bit disgusting... Guess they are trying to promote it. I can't understand that a country like Japan who is usually ahead of the environmentalist movement is doing this. It seems to me that Japanese are a bit hypocritical about this. Of course, I am speaking in general. There are many millions of Japanese so I guess many are different... but anyway I wonder what the great majority thinks about this whale issue.
  8. Snow-forecast is not very reliable in my experience, although they do get it right some times.
  9. I agree with Fattwins. I've done it and the next morning I was feeling really tired, not in the mood to enjoy a day out snowboarding... But if you have a big car, you know like a van, it might be a good idea. Haven't tried it though. Ahh... I'm going to sleep now
  10. db le pu, I know I'm deviating from the topic of this thread but... if oxygen is packed in the snow can you explain the process by which it becomes released from it and available for the person sleeping inside the car? Also, can I assume from your post that people who suffocate when caught in an avalanche, die because of an excess of C02 rather than lack of oxygen? I'm sorry but I'm a complete ignorant in these topics, that's why I never do off-piste :-(
  11. wow, that sounds scary, I wonder to what extent you can make sure that snow won't bury your car if you are sleeping at a parking in a ski area.
  12. Kumapix, I'm wondering what could happen if snow buried your car while you are sleeping inside... could you die from lack of oxygen?
  13. Tuesday huh? On the 850mb map for Tuesday I can see a small area of moisture around the area of Niseko. That means precipitation. The temperature at 850mb is high: -6 (that's at about 1,600m above sea level) and means that if there is precipitation the snow will melt before it reaches the ground, in other words you'll most likely get rain, although it could be snow on the top which is over 1000m. On Wednesday however the isotherm for the area of Niseko says -12 which means you should get a decent -8C (or around it anyway) on the top of the mountain, and below zero at village level. This means
  14. But before that we probably have coming rain from the south, although not much it seems.
  15. That blue mass on top of hokkaido is a front coming from the north. It should leave plenty of snow. Hopefully.
  16. It looks like the cold front won't arrive on Tuesday. The current forecast is rain for Tuesday. Today the highest was 7C.
  17. Thanks for the links Go Native. It's true that on Tuesday the temperature won't be the ideal for snow if precipitation finally moves in the area of Niseko, so I guess our best chance is if the precipitation falls at night which I can't work out by looking at the maps. We'll have to wait I guess.
  18. "Niseko Now" is the best source of information withing SJ for anyone wanting to know what's going on in Niseko on a regular basis. And I myself check it everyday. This morning the weather forecast was rain for next week and since "Niseko now" is only updated once a day, anyone who checks "Niseko now" will see rain. But since I knew the forecast had changed I thought I might make some faces smile by posting it. This is what I plan to do whenever possible. When "Niseko now" is enough I will just don't post anything.
  19. I've noticed that some people on some threads show interest in the weather forecasts for niseko. So I thought instead of writing scattered posts here and there I'll keep this thread to update whatever I know. As you could read in the latest "Niseko now" this morning, the forecast for the next week was a bit of warm weather together with some rain on Tuesday. At this stage the forecast has changed again, and instead of rain we have snow from Tuesday everyday until Friday (inclusive). The highest temperature forecasted is for Monday (9C) and the lowest is for Friday (-4C). This is good new
  20. Thanks EVERYONE for the advice. SJ is really great, you can talk about almost anything, and always you'll find somebody willing to help or just give his/her comments. Tsondaboy, if anything happens, yes, I'd like to know. But I hope everything will be O.K. Have a nice trip. If you are hitting any slopes over there, I'd like to hear some stories about it. I've been to the US just once, but it was Summer.
  21. By looking at the webcam,I think it's also snowing in niseko
  22. fjef, is there a lot of paper-work involved? How easy was it? Knowing the japanese system I can expect something as simple as this to be much more hassle than it needs to be. Please surprise me.
  23. Really, I actually read in a website, Japantoday, that you can actually show immigration at the airport your old passport with the visa. So I was wondering if anybody has actually done that. Anway, I think that the safest is to do what you said O11.
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