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  1. What would be the coldest(on average) lift-served resort in the world that is not in Bolivia? I think Hirafu or asahidake could be amongst the coldest.
  2. I don't know about hokkaido, but here in Okayama is almost impossible to find a place that accepts credit cards except for ATMs. I think is a Japanese thing, the credit card system is not as developed and spread as it is back home. I would say be on the safe side and bring cash. I don't know specifically about Hokkaido but I've read somewhere else that is pretty much the same: don't expect restaurants,supermarkets,... to take your card.
  3. Hey, thanks big-will. I did check them, but I was hoping to hear some personal experiences from people who have been there around the same time other years.
  4. I'm probably going to be heading up in December for about 10 days. Was wondering what I can expect snow-wise, weather-wise, number of lifts open, etc? Thanks everyone.
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